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  • MasterCase EG 200
  • MasterCase EG 200
  • MasterCase EG 200
  • MasterCase EG 200
EUR 346.46
Cooler Master MasterCase EG 200

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There are not all information shown in description, one of them that is important regarding compatibility is that according to manufacturer:

"systems require a thunderbolt™ 3 port with external graphics support. Please check with your laptop's manufacturer to confirm that your laptop supports thunderbolt 3 external graphics cards., please also ensure your laptop has the latest bios, firmware, thunderbolt software, and other applicable updates before connecting to cooler master eg200." and generally speaking

Thinkpad X12 series should be able to do that, but unfortunately we can't provide exact solution /advice as it might be compatibility issue involving Windows 11 and eGPu support. According to various information found on internet, if that is the case adequate solution was still not provided, you can return product

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