Network cables

Network cables are the fundamental building blocks of any robust computer network. In today's interconnected world, a reliable and efficient network is crucial for communication and data transfer across various devices. Our online shop offers an extensive range of network cables with a focus on quality and performance, catering to all networking needs. Customers will find a diverse selection from copper to fibre optic cables, ensuring connectivity for a multitude of applications.

The primary subtypes of network cables that you can find in our selection are copper cables and fibre optic cables. Copper cables, often referred to as twisted pair cables, are traditionally used for short to medium distance networking and come in categories such as CAT6a, which is typically recognized for its capability to deliver stable network performance and faster speeds. Another subtype, fibre optic cables, provide a high-speed data transmission solution over longer distances with minimal signal loss, typically utilizing connectors like LC-LC. Both copper and fibre optic cables are available as patch cables, which are designed for connecting electronic devices to a network, including routers, consoles, and computers.

When selecting the ideal network cable, customers should consider several important properties which can greatly influence the cable's compatibility and performance in specific environments. The 'Cable category' such as CAT6a is a vital consideration as it indicates the data transfer speed and bandwidth capabilities of the cable. 'Cable colour' can be important for managing and identifying different connections within a network. The 'Shield' property, with common types such as S/FTP (shielded with foiled twisted pairs), is another critical aspect that helps protect signals from electromagnetic interference, ensuring higher data integrity. 'Length' is crucial to reach between devices without compromising on signal quality, while 'Contact assignment' typically refers to whether a cable is wired straight through or crossed for specific networking requirements. Lastly, 'LWL plug connectors' are fundamental in fibre optic cables, with types like LC-LC indicating the interface used for connecting the cable to the devices.

Top brands like Lindy, Goobay, digitec, LogiLink, and Primewire are known for their high-quality network cables, with products ranging from versatile Ethernet patch cables to flat and compact Gigabit LAN cables that meet various industry standards. By using filters such as cable category, length, or shield type on our website, customers can find the most suitable network cable for their requirements, ensuring stable, secure, and efficient connectivity tailored to their specific networking environment.