Tablet keyboards

Tablets are more than just a multimedia device for surfing on the sofa. The hardware is powerful and the software offers more and more possibilities, so tablets can also be used for extensive work.

Combined with a tablet keyboard, they become a lightweight, compact replacement for a notebook. For those who value a higher writing speed (good responsiveness of the keyboard), we recommend a media keyboard with Bluetooth connection. You can also choose between a simple and a higher quality version: The simple variant only consists of a keyboard. This is sufficient if you already have a protective tablet cover in which the keyboard can also be placed. The higher quality alternative consists of a tablet sleeve with integrated keyboard, such as Apple's Smart Keyboard or the Samsung Book Cover Keyboard. With high-quality models, the tablet can usually be inserted in several ways and the angle can be changed at will, which contributes to a high level of user comfort.

To iOS users: Apple devices are not compatible with every accessory without restrictions. It is therefore highly recommended that users of certain tablets either purchase the branded iPad keyboard or a model that is only compatible with their model.