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1. Rascal+Friends Premium

Rascal + Friends nappies are made for playing and romping and for safe nights without leaks. They are free of harmful substances, dermatologically certified and particularly efficient.
Made for real everyday family life.

Rascal+Friends Premium (Size 4, Pack, 72 Piece)
27,90 EUR 0,39 EUR/1Piece

Rascal+Friends Premium

Size 4, Pack, 72 Piece

2. Rascal+Friends Pants

Rascal + Friends nappies, size 4, 64 pieces, 10-15 kg. High quality nappies that adapt to movement and can be used all night without fear of leakage. Nappies are dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive baby skin. Features: 12-hour leakage protection. Double protection provides extra protection against leaks. Breathable material that protects the back skin. Soft edges prevent calluses. Dermatologically tested and safe. Free from latex, fragrances and lotions. OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand. 

Rascal+Friends Pants (Size 4, Pack, 64 Piece)
27,90 EUR 0,44 EUR/1Piece

Rascal+Friends Pants

Size 4, Pack, 64 Piece

3. Rascal+Friends Premium Pants

Maximum comfort and protection: Rascal + Friends premium pants contain no nasties, help with potty training and are perfect for wriggly rascals. The extra-stretchy, feather soft high waistband offers unrestricted freedom of movement and features such as easy-tear sides and a handy tab make changing on the go easier. Up to 12 hours of leak protection with the Rascal + Friends 3D core. The premium pants are certified, don't contain any harsh chemicals, latex or fragrances, and they're cruelty-free and vegan. 

Rascal+Friends Premium Pants (Size 5, Pack, 36 Piece)
19,90 EUR 0,55 EUR/1Piece

Rascal+Friends Premium Pants

Size 5, Pack, 36 Piece

4. Rascal+Friends RASCAL + FRIENDS Pants 5 size, 58pcs, 13-18 kg, 93594

Rascal+Friends RASCAL + FRIENDS Pants 5 size, 58pcs, 13-18 kg, 93594 (Size 5, Pack, 58 Piece)
28,90 EUR 0,50 EUR/1Piece

Rascal+Friends RASCAL + FRIENDS Pants 5 size, 58pcs, 13-18 kg, 93594

Size 5, Pack, 58 Piece