Top-rated products in the Children's tableware category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Kuhn Rikon Kinderkitchen

With a child-safe blade that is sharp enough to cut food. The ears ensure that the hand does not slip. Cute detail: The dog's tail is movable. Set consisting of: Dog knife, Dog knife with teeth. 

2. Beaba Meal Set

With the silicone tableware all small accidents during the meal are overcome safely. The colourful meal set from the Beaba brand has a plate, a practical bowl, a useful drinking cup and a spoon. Thanks to the silicone material, the durability is very long lasting and the colors remain upright at all times. Beaba's popular set can be used for breakfast with the main meal or for a delicious dessert. The simple material makes cleaning quick and easy. We recommend the casual silicone set from Beaba from about two years. Characteristics Trendy colour combination Suitable for boys and girls Suitable for around two years and older Contents of the set A large plate with raised sides A cereal bowl A drinking cup An ergonomic spoon. 

3. WMF Animals

The cutlery has been specially adapted to the requirements of child-friendly cutlery. WMF recommends using it from the age of three, as it is adapted to the motor, emotional and mental abilities from this age. 

4. Esmeyer Bambino

Esmeyer children's cutlery Bambino, 4 pieces, stainless steel, polished, consisting of: Knife, fork, spoon and small spoon, dishwasher-safe, with motif engraving on handle, in photo gift box. 

5. WMF Lion King

More than 125 years of experience have gone into the child-friendly cutlery parts made of stainless steel, which also inspire with lovingly designed motifs and colorful pictures. The sizes of the cutlery pieces and the strong handles are particularly suitable for small hands and childlike motor skills. The knives of all WMF children's cutlery are blunt and have no serrated edge. The spoon's spoon rim has rounded edges, and the short blunt tines of the children's fork adapt to small children's mouths. 

6. WMF Safari

Off to a safari adventure with motifs like crocodile, zebra and giraffe. The "Safari" cutlery is for all little adventurers and globetrotters: animal motifs and the depiction of the jungle set your imagination in motion and take your children into a strange world. The motifs are endearing and likeable and are embossed on the cutlery. Cutlery and crockery made of porcelain are matched to the proportions of children and are of high-quality workmanship. 

7. WMF Jungle Book

The 6-piece set with cutlery and matching crockery is not only fun for children. The motifs decorate the table and make learning to eat more colourful! The six-piece set for children from 3 years of age contains a menu cutlery, plate and cereal bowl. So you are perfectly equipped for every meal. Ergonomically shaped and safe, the set supports your toddler in learning to eat in a playful way. The porcelain dishes can be cleaned in the dishwasher just like the cutlery with the colourful handles and becomes a cheerful companion for every meal. 

8. Bredemeijer Jang

Japanese design: Bredemeijer Jang coaster The high quality of the cast iron and the traditional knob structure make the Bredemeijer Jang series an absolute speciality.

9. Twistshake Plates with subdivision

The clever non-slip bottom holds the plate firmly in place. The matching lid, which comes with every plate, turns the plate into a bread tin in no time at all or simply into a storage box. Thanks to the ingenious Twistclick function, the plates can also be stacked to save space. All plates are shaped so that they fit perfectly to the Twistshake cutlery series. All you need for an optimal table experience is our world first, the innovative Click-Mat. 

10. Haba Tractor

Non-slip thanks to rubber ring.