Paper clips

Paper clips are indispensable tools in office organization, offering a simple yet effective solution for keeping documents together without damaging them. They come in handy for all types of customers, from students organizing their notes to professionals bundling reports and presentations. The universal design of a paper clip allows for repeated use and easy removal, thus offering a temporary but secure way of managing paperwork in daily life.

When selecting paper clips, certain properties might influence your choice. Size is a primary consideration—standard paper clips generally measure about one inch in length, which suits most paperwork needs. However, larger or smaller sizes are available to accommodate larger stacks of paper or more delicate tasks. Material is another critical feature; while most clips are made of steel wire, some may have plastic coatings in various colors to help categorize documents or simply add a touch of personality to your workspace.

Our online shop showcases a range of paper clips from trusted brands. Omega stands out with its traditional paper clips renowned for their classic design and durability. These are ideal for anyone seeking the functionality of a traditional paper clip with the assurance of a quality product. Bostitch, while most known for its staples, also provides robust and reliable paper clips that can secure your documents without fail. For those who prefer an alternative to the classic paper clip, Q-Connect offers foldback clips, which are perfect for larger pages or when a stronger hold is necessary. Rapid's staple cartridges provide a long-lasting supply for heavy-duty staplers, ensuring that your pages stay together until you decide otherwise. Lastly, Maul's innovative Clamp dispenser Pro is a unique desktop solution for those who need to frequently fasten paperwork and desire efficiency and organization at their fingertips. Whether you're restocking basic supplies or optimizing your office, our selection caters to all clipping needs with quality and convenience in mind.