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1. Boltze Home Gea

Etagere Gea, Deko, H 44,00 cm, Iron, Matt.

2. Boltze Home Dolce Vita

Etagere Dolce Vita, H 23,00 cm, New Bone, Matt, Multicoloured, Saying/Text.

Boltze Home Dolce Vita
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14,09 EUR was 19,06 EUR

Boltze Home Dolce Vita

3. Boltze Home Percha

Etagere Percha, Deko, H 64,00 cm, Mango (Mangifera indica), Aluminium nickel-plated, Multicoloured.

4. Boltze Home Ties

Etagere Ties, Deko, H 50,00 cm, Aluminium, Unicoloured.

5. Boltze Home Valentina

Etagere Valentina, decoration, h 54 cm, spie� fir (Cunninghamia lanceolata), iron, Shabby.

Boltze Home Valentina (1 x)
64,90 EUR was 75,90 EUR

Boltze Home Valentina

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6. Boltze Home Etagere Joko Black

Product type: Etagere, Material type: Metal, Material: Metal, Colour of details: Black, Number of shelves: 2 ×, Stackable: No.

Boltze Home Etagere Joko Black (1 x)
32,90 EUR

Boltze Home Etagere Joko Black

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7. Boltze Home Detroit

Etagere Detroit, Deko, H 157,00 cm, Aluminium, Gloss.

Boltze Home Detroit (1 x)
301,94 EUR was 332,46 EUR

Boltze Home Detroit

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8. Boltze Home Levi

Etagere Levi, h 123 cm, mango (Mangifera indica), aluminium, black, silver.

9. Boltze Home Joko

Etagere Joko, decorative, h 45 cm, powder-coated iron, matt.

10. Boltze Home Keitum

Etagere Keitum, Deko, H 47,00 cm, Aluminium nickel plated, Matt.