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Apple's Spatial Audio is coming to Sonos speakers

Livia Gamper
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Sonos and Apple are making common cause: Apple's Spatial Audio will soon be coming to some Sonos speakers. This makes Sonos the first Apple Music partner to support this standard.

Sonos has announced - just after leaking the two new Era speakers - that Apple's Spatial Audio will soon be coming to some Sonos speakers. This makes Sonos the first third-party manufacturer to support Apple's spatial audio. The standard was previously available exclusively on Apple devices. .

This is Spacial Audio

Apple's Spacial Audio - which is often called 3D audio - is a version of virtual surround sound. In simple terms, this means that you hear the sound from all sides. It makes you feel more like you're in the middle of the music. The technology itself is not new. Sony, for example, also has it, and it's called 360 RealityAudio.

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    Apples Lossless Streaming geht los. Und Spatial Audio auch

    by Livia Gamper

Apple's answer to Dolby Atmos is available for designated tracks in Apple Music.

These Sonos speakers are supported

. Spatial audio doesn't just come to the two new Era speakers. The two older soundbar models, Sonos Arc and Beam (Gen 2), also get the standard.

Spatial Audio will be available on the aforementioned Sonos speakers from 28 March. That's also the date when the new Era speakers will start shipping.

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