Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Essentials

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Windows Server 2022 eases the path to the cloud for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and ensures that investments already made pay off. By leveraging the functions of modern hardware, Windows Server 2022 provides a flexible, cloud-ready platform that enables SMBs to implement a hybrid infrastructure that includes additional layers of security and incorporates some of the functions of Microsoft Azure. SMEs that are already thinking about the future will benefit from Windows Server 2022 in many ways: sales and profitability can be increased, costs can be reduced and data can be better analysed. Modernising with Windows Server 2022, the cloud-ready operating system that adds hybrid capabilities to on-premises infrastructures, pays off. Thanks to support for modern hardware and software as well as advanced functions such as Secured-Core, Windows Server 2022 makes SMEs fit for the future.

Windows Server Software-Defined (WSSD) Datacenter-based solutions go far beyond traditional server virtualisation and optimise infrastructure efficiency. In addition, SMBs gain access to hybrid capabilities - including Microsoft Azure Arc, Windows Admin Center and Storage Migration Services - that allow them to take advantage of cloud innovations on demand. Remote Desktop Services simplify secure remote access to Windows desktops and applications, while a flexible application platform provides advanced support for containers and intensive workloads. The combination of on-premises infrastructure and hybrid capabilities simplifies the path to the cloud. Simplified deployment and streamlined management of remote apps and desktops make your employees' jobs easier. The security features built into the operating system protect your company's data and apps. By realising your Windows Server Software-Defined (WSSD) data centres with Windows Server 2022, you benefit from higher scalability, more security and better cost efficiency.

Get more out of your Windows Server with the Server Management Tool. The Windows Admin Center follows in the footsteps of the classic Windows Server graphical interface and facilitates the operation of familiar and completely different functions as well as the smooth integration of Azure services such as Azure Backup, Azure Site Recovery or the Azure Security Center. Together with Azure Arc and Windows Admin Center, customers can deploy, manage and monitor their entire hybrid infrastructure, from the cloud to on-premises to the Intelligent Edge. Benefit from layered Secured Core security capabilities that span the hardware, firmware and operating system, protecting your business from modern threats. Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) helps prevent and detect zero-day vulnerabilities, network attacks and data leaks. Preventive defences protect sensitive information by detecting and blocking advanced malware that attempts to manipulate the system. Virtualisation-based security (VBS) protects against attacks that seek to exploit vulnerabilities in the operating system to introduce malware. Quickly and easily implement end-to-end encryption to prevent their data from being spied on in untrusted networks. Encrypt data using Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.3 to secure communication between two endpoints. Windows Defender Exploit Guard prevents intrusion attempts aimed at the host. Note: 1 CPU, 10 Core, ROK. Licence level: NL.

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