Visible Dust Mini Quasar Sensor Magnifier

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Thanks to its 7x magnification and four super-bright LEDs, the Mini Quasar sensor magnifier is the ideal tool to take a look at the sensor in advance of cleaning and to get an exact picture. This makes
it easy to locate soiling and also to determine the type of soiling in order to be able to react to it with the appropriate cleaning method. Best of all, the magnifier is barely larger than a credit card and therefore fits easily into a shirt or jacket pocket. It is therefore ideal for on the go.

High-quality lens and 4 bright LEDs for targeted detection of contamination
The new BriteVue XL technology makes the Mini Quasar Sensor Magnifier one of the most effective sensor magnifiers on the market. Thanks to super-bright LEDs and a high-quality lens made of low-dispersion, optical K9 crown glass with magnesium fluoride coating (MgF2), the Quasar Sensor Magnifier provides a high-resolution, crystal-clear view of the sensor. In addition, the four LEDs illuminate the field of view from four sides, providing a three-dimensional view of dust particles. In this way, even the smallest dirt particles and stains can be specifically detected.

Also suitable for many other areas - e.g. for checking slides, negatives etc.
In addition to viewing the sensor, the magnifier can be used for many other areas: For example, to detect any dirt in other areas of the camera body, or to check photo prints, filters, lenses, slides, negatives, stamps, coins and much more.

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