Best Nikon products in the Camera power supply category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Nikon products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Nikon NIKON EN-EL15C Li-Ion battery

Compact high capacity lithium-ion battery for long operating time. This battery is compatible with all Nikon cameras that support EN-EL15 batteries. It can be charged in the camera when used with a Nikon camera that supports in-camera charging. Suitable for Nikon Z5. 

2. Nikon MH-25a

Charger for Nikon's EN-EL15 lithium-ion battery pack.

3. Nikon EH-62G, AC Adapter

With the mains adapter kit EH-62G, certain COOLPIX models can be operated directly with mains power.

Nikon EH-62G, AC Adapter (Power adapter)
Camera power supply
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Nikon EH-62G, AC Adapter

Power adapter

4. Nikon EN-EL25

Compact lithium-ion battery with high capacity for long operating time. The battery is suitable for certain Nikon cameras.

5. Nikon EN-EL18d

Ultra-compact and lightweight lithium-ion battery. Its high capacity (10.8 V) ensures a long operating time.

6. Nikon EP-5B

Battery compartment insert for certain Nikon cameras. Simply insert it into the battery compartment and connect it to the compatible AC adapter to power and charge your Nikon camera directly from the wall outlet. 

7. Nikon MH-34 Charger f. EN-EL15 B,C

Nikon battery charger MH-34 specially designed for use with Nikon's EN-EL15b and EN-EL15c batteries. The battery charger is powered via USB-C.

8. Nikon EH-7P Power Adapter for Z Cameras

AC adapter with attached USB-C cable. The adapter is compatible with Nikon cameras that have a USB-C port and enables fast charging of the battery directly in the camera. 

9. Nikon MH-67P

Nikon battery charger EH-67P, for EN-EL23.

10. Nikon EP-6a Battery compartment insert for Z 9

Allows Z cameras to be powered directly from a wall outlet. The battery compartment insert is inserted into the battery compartment of certain Nikon Z cameras and powered via a compatible AC adapter EH-6d (sold separately).