Best ReinerSCT products in the Card readers category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best ReinerSCT products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. ReinerSCT CYBERJACK RFID BASIC (2718500-100)

ReinerSCT chipcard reader RFID base, ReinerSCT cyberJacK RFID base chipcard reader,.

ReinerSCT CYBERJACK RFID BASIC (2718500-100) (USB)
Card readers
37,76 EUR

ReinerSCT CYBERJACK RFID BASIC (2718500-100)


2. ReinerSCT CyberJack RFID convenience

The cyberJack RFID comfort supports almost all applications of contact smart cards such as online banking via HBCI / FinTS, Secoder and EBICS as well as cash card and the qualified electronic signature. The cyberJack RFID comfort also supports contactless RFID chip cards with all functions at maximum security, for example the nPA in connection with the Bürgerclient. nPA (via Bürgerclient), other RFID cards according to ISO/IEC 14443, bank cards (online banking, money card), signature cards according to ISO/IEC 7816, electronic health card. With the secure PIN entry via your own keyboard, the secrecy of your PIN is guaranteed at all times. The modular firmware management allows the use of the cyberJack RFID comfort in a variety of applications, so that with the purchase of a single reader you have investment security for a long-term multifunctional use. Certified secure PIN entry, multi-application capable (e.g. online banking, ELENA, ELSTER), illuminated LC display, updateable, TÜV-IT and BSI certified, confirmation according to SigG / SigV, nPA conformity mark, free support, ZKA-Secoder approval, integrated security module according to EAL 4+. Windows 2000 /XP/Vista/7, Linux, Apple MacOS X, Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008 R2 

ReinerSCT CyberJack RFID convenience (USB)
Card readers
129,90 EUR

ReinerSCT CyberJack RFID convenience


3. ReinerSCT tanJack photo QR

The tanJack photo QR can be used for Sm@rtTAN photo and chipTAN QR in convenient online banking. Sm@rtTAN photo displays a colour matrix code in online banking and chipTAN QR displays a QR code that is photographed with the TAN generator. After checking the transaction data, a TAN is then generated. Both procedures are very secure and have been proven over many years. The high-quality keyboard, the lightning-fast recognition of the code as well as the harmonious design characterise this new TAN generator. With this TAN generator, too, great importance was attached to the high quality and durability known from Reiner SCT. 

4. ReinerSCT cyberJack RFID

This handy smart card reader supports almost all applications of contact and contactless RFID smart cards. This makes life easier without sacrificing the security of your data.
Whether HBCI/FinTS or EBICS, thanks to the Secoder function in the cyberJack RFID standard you can carry out your online banking in accordance with the strict security standards of Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft. Hackers don't stand a chance.
Take advantage of the benefits that the new ID card (nPA) offers in combination with the cyberJack RFID standard on the Internet. For example, you can complete administrative procedures online or safely enter your address data when shopping online.
Maximum security is, of course, provided for all processes. Because only data is read that you share with your card reader by entering your PIN. It is not by chance that the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has certified the cyberJack RFID standard for the use of the new ID card.

5. ReinerSCT tanJack Deluxe

The tanJack® deluxe cannot be attacked online, as it does not require an Internet connection for its use.Premium Online BankingNot only is security of the highest standard, user-friendliness is also state of the art. The graphic codes of chipTAN QR and Sm@rt-TAN photo are captured in a flash in any position and on all devices. The data of the online banking transactions and the TANs are clearly shown on the large display. Of course, the tanJack® deluxe also has a card slot for your bank or SparkassenCard for secure TAN generation.Two-factor authenticationAlmost all leading online platforms offer the option of logging in with two-factor authentication (2FA). This is usually done with an additional 6-digit code. The tanJack® deluxe stores the electronic keys for these logins securely in its hardware and generates the TOTP one-time passwords with high precision every 30 seconds.The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) explicitly recommends the use of two-factor authentication!. 

6. ReinerSCT cyberJack wave

The new Bluetooth RFID smart card reader is the latest innovation from Reiner SCT for the secure mobile use of apps and smart cards.

The elegant design and comprehensive
functions make the ultra-slim cyberJack wave the ideal add-on for all modern notebooks, smartphones and tablets.

For optimal mobility, the cyberJack wave has a powerful lithium-ion battery that can be charged via USB at any time. The high-resolution TFT display can show all security-relevant data in color and clearly structured. The elegant soft-touch keyboard with tactile feedback rounds off the user-friendliness.

For the first time, it is thus possible to secure apps and transactions with chip card-based security via Bluetooth 2.1 + 4.0 LE.