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1. Logitech Z150

With 6 watts of peak performance, the Logitech Z150 multimedia speakers deliver full, clear stereo sound - loud enough to enjoy your music at home. Easy control by combining volume control and on/off switch. The multimedia speakers also feature a convenient headphone jack for your personal listening pleasure.
Plug and play convenience: The 3.5 mm jack input can be connected to your notebook or smartphone.
The Z150 has been tested and optimized in Logitech's advanced research and development laboratories.

2. Logitech Z906

Enjoy realistic cinema-quality surround sound with the Logitech Surround Speaker System Z906. The breathtaking sound quality produced by this 500 watts power soundsystem transforms every home movie night into a red carpet event. The THX certification stands for sound that is reproduced in true cinema style. Built-in digital 5.1 decoding converts Dolby Digital or DTS encoded sound to rich and lifelike surround sound. Hear the cheer of the crowd just as realistically as steps approaching from behind.

Connect up to six audio devices at once, including TV, Blue-ray/DVD player, DVD recorder, Xbox One, PLAYSTATION 4, iPod and hi-fi system. The control console has an easy-to-read display and, thanks to its compact design, will perfectly blend into your home entertainment system. The wireless remote control gives you total command of your audio experience from the comfort of your couch.

3. Logitech Z333

Strong sound, rich bass. The Logitech Z333 Multimedia Speakers deliver a compact, clear and balanced sound that delivers an impressive, powerful listening experience. The subwoofer with a 13 cm frontal speaker creates a volume of sound in the low frequency range that lets you experience music, movies and games even more intensely.

Use the bass control to adjust the bass and the wired control unit with the on/off switch and volume control to keep sound playback under control. Thanks to the 3.5 mm and cinch inputs, you can connect virtually any device that has an audio output:
Computers, tablets, smartphones - even televisions.

4. Logitech Z200

With 10 watts of peak power, the Logitech Z200 multimedia speakers deliver full, crisp, clear sound in a modern design. Two speakers per satellite produce balanced stereo sound with room-filling sound - whether you're listening to your music in your bedroom, study or dining room.
Convenient audio adjustment: integrated volume controls and on/off switches on the front of the speakers, plus a bass control on the side to adjust the bass to suit your taste.
The Z200 has a headphone jack to connect your headphones and enjoy your personal music.

5. Logitech Z533

With a peak power of 120 watts, the Logitech Z533 multimedia speaker system produces a massive, room-filling sound with rich depths and detailed highs. Take music, movies and games to a whole new level with the 2.25 "(5.7 cm) full-range subwoofer. Easily control your sound using the wired control unit, which provides controls to turn on the unit, adjust volume and bass, headphone jack and an additional 3.5mm input. Different 3.5mm and cinch input connectors allow you to connect virtually any device that has an audio output: Computers, tablets, smartphones - even televisions. 

6. Logitech Z207 BT

Listen to music wirelessly from a Bluetooth device, such as a smartphone or tablet, and/or connect a device, such as your computer, to a wired port, and seamlessly switch between the two connections to watch videos and listen to music.
Wirelessly stream sound from up to two Bluetooth devices or connect one device to the 3.5 mm input. With Logitech Easy Switch technology, you can seamlessly switch between audio sources - just press Pause for one source and Play for the other.
The 5-watt RMS/10-watt peak power produces clear, room-filling sound through the four-speaker design. Two loudspeakers create the perfect balance between the mid and high tones, while two passive bodies provide the bass.
The Bluetooth pairing button, on/off switch, volume control and headphone jack are easily accessible on the right speaker.

7. Logitech Z623

Enjoy magnificent and full 2.1 sound. The THX certificate stands for quality: These speakers meet the highest performance standards, which is why they were THX-certified. Hear and feel these 200 watt speakers bring music, films and games to life with their impressive sound. Multiple inputs and an integrated headphone socket means you can connect up to three audio devices. Two easily installed satellite speakers and a high-power subwoofer create a rich sound – even in large rooms. The integrated control elements mean you are in charge: Turn the volume and bass up (or down) and enjoy music, films and games according to your taste. 

8. Speedlink Gravity Carbon

The Gravity Carbon Rgb is an active 2.1 loudspeaker system for PC and Notebook with an elegant carbon look. The RGB lighting for subwoofers and satellites in 16.7 million colours gives it a special, stylish extra. Six different modes can be set (incl. Off), including lighting effects that adapt to the music you're playing, and a real disco feeling within your own four walls. You can connect the Gravity Carbon Rgb to a multimedia device, smartphone or tablet via an AUX cable or Bluetooth and benefit from a wide range of applications.

The powerful subwoofer not only delivers intense bass, but is also distinguished by its high sound volume. The speaker system can be conveniently controlled via a convenient desktop remote control and unnecessary power consumption is prevented thanks to the mains switch and automatic standby mode.

9. Logitech Z407

The Z407 speaker system from Logitech delivers impressive room-filling sound to your desk. Two 10-watt RMS speakers and a 20-watt RMS subwoofer deliver crystal-clear, powerful sound with rich, deep bass. You can connect either wired via a micro-USB or 3.5mm phone jack or wirelessly with Bluetooth 5.0. Up to three devices can be connected simultaneously and seamlessly switched using the wireless controller. This also serves as control for playback, volume and bass. 

10. Creative GigaWorks T40 Series II

With Creative's GigaWorks T40 Series II speaker system, you can experience your music in a whole new quality. Designed for hi-fi sound on the PC, the 2.0 system in a glossy black finish combines high-quality components and impressive performance with all the benefits of the renowned GigaWorks family to deliver your music in the best, unadulterated quality.

Each speaker has two mid-range drivers with fiberglass cone for warm midrange and one tweeter with fabric dome for crystal-clear treble.
These high-quality components are arranged in an audiophile configuration with midrange driver, tweeter and midrange driver and are complemented by dynamic bass thanks to the Creative BasXPort technology.

With its easy-access controls on the front panel and two inputs for simultaneous connection of different audio sources, this is the ideal system for anyone who is only satisfied with the best.

Creative GigaWorks T40 Series II
PC speakers
104,81 EUR

Creative GigaWorks T40 Series II