Best products in the Camera cleaning category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Rollei Travel cleaning kit

Those who travel with their professional camera equipment have to reckon with not being able to fall back on the perfect photo infrastructure in every region of the world if the camera ever shows image errors due to dirt. As a precaution, professional photo globetrotters not only pack a number of spare parts and equipment with them, but also always have a versatile cleaning set with them. The focus is not only on quality, but also on the greatest possible flexibility.

In the Rollei Camera Cleaning Set Travel you will therefore find cleaning tools which are not only limited to special cameras or equipment but can also be used for other optical devices. Protected against loss and dirt, the components of the travel set are stored in a sturdy box. The Travel cleaning set includes the practical Lens Pen with nylon brush on one side and a rotating round plate coated with carbon powder on the other. Perfect for gentle dirt removal on sensitive optics. With the Mini Air Blower you can remove the finest dust, sand or fluff without contact, the nozzle tip acts even in the smallest corners or angles.

The Rollei lens cleaning liquid in the 30 ml dosage bottle is sufficient even for long journeys to remote corners of the earth and cleans all optical surfaces of housings, displays, lenses and filters. Five high-quality microfibre cloths are also included in order to be able to permanently absorb dust and lint free dirt and liquids. 10 damp cleaning cloths complete the range of applications in order to be able to react with a few simple steps in time trouble. Especially grease and oil stains on the optical lenses can ruin a shooting permanently. The whole Rollei Camera Cleaning Set Travel can be carried safely and cleanly on the snap hook of the sturdy storage box, on belt buckles, backpack straps, carrying straps or other loops there is always a place within reach.

2. Visible Dust Arctic Beez for Vswab

Arctic Beez is a pulsating holder (patent pending) with a frequency of 13,000 movements per minute. The name Beez was obvious because the holder sounds similar to the buzzing of bees.
The vibrations, which are generated by an electronic motor in the handle, are transmitted to the attached swab, which is inserted into the handle. When the swab is passed over the camera sensor, the vibrations enhance the cleaning effect and can better loosen heavy dirt. This method is 4x more effective than the conventional use of swabs.

One of the disadvantages of conventional sensor cleaning is the high consumption of swabs (cleaning sticks) to completely eliminate contamination. Arctic Beez helps you to reduce the consumption of swabs. Over the years, this results in a very high cost saving, which can be invested in the purchase of a new housing.

The Arctic Beez is equipped with a bright LED light that illuminates the entire sensor and serves as a swablight. The handle provides an optimal grip and allows precise guidance of the swab over the sensor. The vibrations ensure that the dirt is pushed in front of the swab. If the dirt were pulled over the sensor, scratches could occur and the sensor could be damaged.

Another problem with conventional cleaning is the question of the correct pressure to apply to the swab. With the Arctic Beez, this uncertainty no longer exists. The Arctic Beez can simply be placed on the sensor. With a forward movement, it glides over the moistened surface and loosens the dirt with the help of the intense vibrations.

The Arctic Beez can only be used with VisibleDust DHAP Orange or UltraMXD-100 Green Swabs.

- Swabsonic technology powered by a high frequency electric motor.
- Safe cleaning of sensitive sensors
- Built-in LED light
- 4 x more efficient than conventional sensor cleaning
- Ergonomic handle for precise guidance
- Storage box
- Powered by 2 x AA batteries (not included)
- Swabs not included

3. VSGO Medium Format Sensor Cleaning Rod Kit

VSGO Medium Format Sensor Cleaning.

4. IT Dusters IT Duster Hurricane Wireless Air System

Hurricane Canless Air System.

IT Dusters IT Duster Hurricane Wireless Air System
Camera cleaning
151,05 EUR

IT Dusters IT Duster Hurricane Wireless Air System

5. Visible Dust Arctic Butterfly 724X

Arctic Butterfly 724X.

6. Rollei Sensor cleaning set full size

The full-frame image sensors of high-quality professional SLR cameras are exposed to all weather influences at the moment of lens change, even dust and dirt particles can deposit on the sensor cells within a very short time. If you frequently change between locations at different temperatures, there is still a risk of condensation spots forming on the image chip.

Rollei offers a practical set for dry and wet cleaning so that you can thoroughly clean the sensor of your full-frame SLR even when travelling or during a longer-lasting nature shooting. In addition to a highly effective cleaning fluid, the scope of delivery includes 12 individually and vacuum-packed brushes, which have been specially developed for the width of full-frame sensors.

Each individual sensor brush is packed completely dust-free, with a smooth wiping motion you cover the entire surface of the image sensor. The cleaning fluid in the handy 15 ml bottle is used very sparingly to remove condensation stains, a maximum of one drop is sufficient for complete cleaning.

7. Giottos Super Rocket Air Blower

The Super Rocket-Air Blower cleaning blower is made of environmentally friendly material and has an air valve that prevents dust particles from entering the blower.

from mirrors, camera sensors, lenses, cameras, etc. can be removed by simply pressing the bellows. The Super Rocket-Air Blower is also suitable for cleaning photo and video equipment, musical instruments, computer keyboards and other electronic devices. 

8. Giottos CL1011 Cleaning kit

Giottos CL1011 Cleaning Kit.

9. Zeiss Optics cleaning ZEISS LENS fluid

ZEISS Cleaning Fluid2x lens cleaning agent, 60 ml NEW1x micro fiber cloth, 18 x 18 cm.

10. VSGO Full Frame Sensor Cleaning Swab (24mm x 24 pcs)

VSGO Full Frame Sensor Cleaning.

VSGO Full Frame Sensor Cleaning Swab (24mm x 24 pcs)
Camera cleaning
49,95 EUR

VSGO Full Frame Sensor Cleaning Swab (24mm x 24 pcs)