Best products in the Headset Accessories category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Poly APS-11 EHS Kabel

Electronic Hook Switch cable for landline phone call remote control (answer/end). This cable makes the use of a HL10 telephone handset lifter unnecessary. (Siemens, Funwerk, Auerswald, Agfeo, Aastra, DeTeWe). 

2. Jabra Link 14201-10

Jabra LINK 14201-10 provides EHS functionality with Jabra's cordless headsets and a variety of phone models, including Aastra, Agfeo, Auerswald, Funkwerk, Innovaphone, Siemens, Snom, Swyx, Deutsche Telecom, Tiptel and Ipitomy (check compatibility with your device via compatibility link). Once installed, employees can control their calls directly from their cordless Jabra headset up to 150m from their desk. 

3. Poly Savi 8240/8245 battery




5. Yealink EHS 40

The new and advanced Yealink Headset Adapter EHS40 provides a technical interface between your Yealink IP phones (T58A/T57W/T54W/T53W/T53/T48S/T46S/T42S/T41S) and a compatible wireless headset, including Jabra, Plantronics and Sennheiser wireless models. The unit is easy to install , simply link EHS40 to the USB port of the phone and, its plug-and-play effectively gives you the control of your Yealink phone and the ability to answer and hang up calls remotely. It has been especially designed to ensure maximum productivity in business applications such as receptions and call centers, and is ideal for the Corporate, Financial, Health, Government, Educational, Industrial, and SME/SoHo market sectors. 

6. Poly Ladeschale Voyager 43

Charging cradle For charging - for cordless use Simple operation - attach headset Connection: USB-A Suitable for Voyager 43 / Focus 2.

7. Poly APA-24

Through their partnership, Plantronics and Polycom now jointly deliver simple architectures, business productivity and quality with solutions including voice conferencing solutions, headsets, fixed phones, video conferencing, immersive video and more. 

8. Jabra Charging station for Evolve 75

The charging station from Jabra.

9. Yealink BLT60

The Yealink BLT60 contributes to high productivity in the office. With its star/heart/square, people around you can always know what state you are in, no matter what shape you choose. Working state.It shows the current status of phone/softphone presence in sync with the colors. For example, if the BLT60 is lit red, it means you are currently on a call. In addition, the Yealink BLT60 is equipped with a 1.8m cable that allows you to place the light wherever it can be easily seen, such as in the corner of your desk or by your PC monitor. If you move away from your desk while the Yealink BLT60 is flashing red, you can still know that the call is coming and not miss it, even if there is no ring reminder. 

10. Jabra Link 14201-30

Once installed, employees can control their calls directly from their cordless Jabra headset up to 150m from their desk.