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Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Logitech MX Keys

MX Keys - the keyboard that lets you master your next big project with ease. MX Keys is the first keyboard designed specifically for creatives and programmers - whatever you can imagine, you can do.

Type without hassle on a keyboard designed for support, stability and precision. Increased key stability reduces typing noise and optimizes responsiveness so you can feel every keystroke, but don't have to hear it. The MX Keys keyboard housing is held together by a single metal plate for exceptional sturdiness without slippage.

Keys follows your MX Master 3 - or other Flow-enabled mouse - from one computer to another. So you can type on different devices without interruption. Transfer files, documents and images between different computers and between Mac and Windows operating systems.eys lasts up to 10 days on a full charge - or up to 5 weeks with the backlight off.2 Use the USB-C charging cable to charge. Keys works with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android operating systems.

Pair your keyboard with up to three devices and switch between them effortlessly with one press of the Easy Switch button. One MX Keys for all devices - laptops, desktops, tablets. All paper-based packaging for MX Keys is FSC-certified and made from a mix of materials from FSC-certified forests, recycled materials and other controlled sources. They have used 97% less plastic, reducing the carbon footprint of the packaging by 64% compared to the previous model.

Logitech MX Keys (DE, Wireless)

Logitech MX Keys

DE, Wireless


2. Apple Magic Keyboard 2022

The Magic Keyboard is available with Touch ID. It enables quick and easy authentication for secure logins and purchases. The Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and numeric keypad makes precise typing especially pleasant and easy. It has an expanded layout, navigation keys for fast scrolling in documents, and full-size arrow keys that are great for gaming. The numeric keypad is also ideal for spreadsheets and financial applications. It's wireless and has a rechargeable battery that lets you use it for about a month or more before you need to charge it. It automatically pairs with your Mac and is ready to go right out of the box. And it comes with a woven USB-C to Lightning cable that you can connect to your Mac via a USB-C port for charging and pairing. 

Apple Magic Keyboard 2022 (DE, Wireless)

Apple Magic Keyboard 2022

DE, Wireless


3. Apple Magic Keyboard

A scissor mechanism under each key provides more stability, while an optimized key stroke and a flat profile ensure comfortable and precise typing. The numeric keyboard is also ideal for spreadsheets and financial applications. And the built-in rechargeable battery is incredibly durable, powering your keyboard for about a month or longer between charging cycles. 

Apple Magic Keyboard (DE, Wireless)

Apple Magic Keyboard

DE, Wireless


4. Logitech MK540 Advanced

The full-size keyboard features a familiar key shape, size, and feeling – and the contoured and ambidextrous mouse has been designed to fit comfortably into either palm. Connect your keyboard and mouse with one tiny Logitech Unifying USB receiver. You’ll get a reliable – and encrypted – wireless connection up to 10 meters away with virtually no delays or dropouts.The keys have been optimized for improved accuracy and reduced noise – and your fingers will immediately feel at home on the familiar key surface and layout. The palm rest and adjustable tilt legs keep you comfortable for long stretches at the desk. The wireless mouse’s contoured shape and soft rubber side grips are designed to fit comfortably in either your right or left palm – and enhanced tracking and precise cursor control keep you in command. Convenient and essential hot keys give you direct access to media, calculator and battery check functions. Preset Fn keys can even be personalized in Logitech Options to meet your specific needs. 

Logitech MK540 Advanced (DE, Wireless)

Logitech MK540 Advanced

DE, Wireless


5. Logitech MK295 Silent

MK295 Silent Wireless Combo Quiet working with 90% less clicking and typing noise. less noise, better concetration Work concentrated and without distraction. Introducing the Logitech MK295 Silent Wireless Combo with SilentTouch - exclusive Logitech technology that eliminates over 90% of keyboard and mouse noise. It lets you work just like the world's best-selling combo, but without the annoying clicking and typing noises. Our innovative SilentTouch technology eliminates more than 90% of the noise that disturbs you and those around you, while maintaining the click-and-tap feel of the world's best-selling combo. The elegant and efficient design of this keyboard leaves nothing to be desired. 8 handy special keys and the number pad make typing and navigation easy. comfortable, compact mouse. The curved shape makes it easy to store anywhere. This mouse lets you click and navigate with precision on most surfaces. And with the impressive silence made possible by SilentTouch. instant and wireless. With a strong, reliable 2.4 GHz wireless connection with a 10-meter range, connection loss and delays are a thing of the past. The USB receiver is so small it can stay with your computer, keeping your desk tidy. long-lasting battery With a battery life of 36 months for the keyboard and 18 months for the mouse, plus on/off switches, you'll save months of tedious battery changes. durable and reliable The spill-resistant design, durable keys and sturdy, height-adjustable folding feet give the keyboard added practicality and ease of use. 

Logitech MK295 Silent (DE, Wireless)

Logitech MK295 Silent

DE, Wireless


6. Logitech MX Keys Plus

The circular concave keys are cut to fit the fingertips and their rounded edges ensure a pleasant typing feel with every stroke. The increased key stability reduces typing noise and optimizes responsiveness so you can feel every keystroke but don't have to hear it. The removable wrist-rest provides comfort all day long with its stable support surface and smooth surface. The MX Keys Plus has manual proximity sensors to activate the backlight and ambient light sensors to automatically adjust the backlight. The MX Keys Plus can also be connected to up to three end devices either via Unifying receiver or via Bluetooth Low Energy technology, and the Easy-Switch buttons enable easy, uninterrupted switching between the devices. 

Logitech MX Keys Plus (DE, Wireless)

Logitech MX Keys Plus

DE, Wireless


7. Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch ID

The Magic Keyboard is now available with Touch ID. It enables quick and easy authentication for secure logins and purchases. The Magic Keyboard with Touch ID makes precise typing comfortable and easy. It's also wireless and rechargeable. With its incredibly long battery life, you can use it for about a month or more before you need to charge it. It automatically pairs with your Mac and is ready to go right out of the box. 

Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch ID (DE, Cable, Wireless)

Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch ID

DE, Cable, Wireless


8. Logitech MX Mechanical

Logitech MX Mechanical - a full-size keyboard with exceptional feel, precision and performance. The low-profile mechanical keys with 3 switch types to choose from offer comfortable feedback with every stroke. Your fingers glide effortlessly over the keys' matte surface - and two-tone keycaps direct your field of view, so you can easily position your fingers and work without interruption. Key backlighting automatically adjusts to changing light conditions. 

9. Logitech MK850

Experience a whole new level of comfort and productivity with the powerful MK850 Performance Set. The padded wrist-rest and curved keyboard and mouse give you the ultimate in comfort when you work. You can switch screens from the keyboard and mouse and work smoothly on different devices. Thanks to the extra-large palm rest and curved keyboard, you can type all day long without getting tired. Adjustable fold-out feet provide the perfect tipping angle. Thanks to its curved shape and soft rubber surface, the mouse lies comfortably in the hand. Fly through documents and web pages thanks to hyper-fast scrolling - and type quietly and efficiently on a full-size keyboard with carefully designed concave keys.

One press of a button is all it takes to switch from one computer to another and continue typing on a smartphone, tablet or other computer. You can also pair your mouse with up to 3 devices and use it smoothly. Finally a keyboard and mouse set that really works together. With DuoLink, you can assign various functions to the mouse buttons by pressing the Fn key. You can also use the Fn key to move the mouse down to perform gesture-controlled actions. Your keyboard doesn't need new batteries for 36 months and your mouse has enough power for 24 months. Wirelessly connect your devices to a Logitech Unifying USB receiver or pair them using low-power Bluetooth technology.

Scope of delivery: Receiver, batteries, cable - USB, user manual.

Logitech MK850 (DE, Wireless)

Logitech MK850

DE, Wireless


10. Logitech MK470

The compact keyboard has a numeric keypad and 12 function keys, so that all necessary keys are available. The slim mouse is extremely mobile and easily stows in any pocket for productive work on the go. The Slim Combo's compact profile means you can work on desktops where space is at a premium, so the mouse is always within easy reach. Flat scissor keys give you a smooth, familiar laptop-like typing experience.

The smooth pebble shape of this left- and right-handed mouse feels great in either hand. A simple Plug & Play USB receiver provides a stable 2.4 GHz wireless connection with a range of 10 meters. This keeps your desk tidy without clutter and gives you the freedom to place your devices exactly where you want them.

Logitech MK470 (DE, Wireless)

Logitech MK470

DE, Wireless