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1. MicroConnect HDMI zu


2. StarTech USB-C to 4x

3. Delock USB Typ A – USB C

Delock USB 2.0 Adapter USB Type-A male to USB Type-C™ female black (60002).

Delock USB Typ A – USB C (USB-C, 0.70 cm)
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8,08 EUR

Delock USB Typ A – USB C

USB-C, 0.70 cm

4. Delock DisplayPort to

This splitter from Delock receives a DisplayPort signal from a PC or notebook and splits it to three connected monitors. Thus, three HDMI monitors can be operated on one DisplayPort port. The product is a Multi-Stream Transport (MST) hub and supports the extended desktop configuration of DisplayPort. Under Windows, the connected monitors are controlled individually and can be combined into one large display. Due to the higher bandwidth of DisplayPort 1.4, a total of three monitors with 4K resolution (3840 x 2160) are supported. 

5. Graugear USB A – USB C Adapter

With the G-AD-ATC-10G-2, in an elegant aluminum housing, you can convert your USB-C port into a „normal“ USB-A port USB 3.2. With this Graugear adapter, nothing stands in the way of, for example, operating an external storage device with a USB-A port on a device with only Type-C ports. The adapter can be used on notebooks, PCs, as well as mobile devices. With the appropriate hardware to be connected externally, nothing stands in the way of a fast data transfer of up to 10 Gbit/s. 

6. StarTech DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter with HDR - 4K 60 Hz


StarTech DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter with HDR - 4K 60 Hz (HDMI, 25.30 cm)
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45,30 EUR

StarTech DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter with HDR - 4K 60 Hz

HDMI, 25.30 cm

7. Digitus USB Typ C — HDMI (Typ A)

The DIGITUS® USB-C™ to HDMI® adapter cable enables you to connect your notebook or tablet to a monitor, projector or TV device to the USB-C™ connection. No additional adapters are required. Depending on the source device, this cable supports resolutions of up to 4K / 30 Hz incl. 3D and ARC support. This cable also supports data transfer rates of up to 5 Gbps as well as the USB 3.1 features. You won't need any additional adapters or converters. Simply use the DIGITUS® adapter cable USB-C™ on HDMI®. 

Digitus USB Typ C — HDMI (Typ A) (HDMI, 180 cm)
Notebook adapters
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16,31 EUR

Digitus USB Typ C — HDMI (Typ A)

HDMI, 180 cm

8. LC-Power USB A – USB C

LC-Power USB Adapter LC-ADA-U31C, audio channels: 1, interface hardware: USB.

9. Plugable USB 2.0 to Ethernet Adapter

Plugable Technologies USB2-E100. Transmission technology: Wired, Host interface: USB, Interface: Ethernet. Colour of product: Black.

10. Club 3D CSV 1577

This unique adapter is compatible with both Mac OS Sierra and Windows 10. The output resolution supported is up to 5K - 60Hz for Single Screen setup and 2 x 4K - 60Hz for Dual Screen Setups. It is fully Plug and Play, so no need for driver installation. This stylish adapter has a beautiful Brushed Aluminum Casing making it strong and light.

Multiply your screen area with your tablet, desktop PC or Ultrabook. With multiple monitors your computer will become more useful and you will become more efficient and accomplish more. With 2 displays delivering 4K performance, you can have four times the screen space compared to 1080p.

USB Type C with Thunderbolt 3 have a lightning symbol. Not all USB Type C have two way data transfer and video signal functions. When converting the DisplayPort output to another signal, please use active adapters – please contact us if you require more information. Its important that you update your devices with the latest software to ensure the best experience with this Thunderbolt 3 device.