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1. Hasselblad Leather pouch for XCD

HASSELBLAD Leather pouch for XCD 45mm.

Hasselblad Leather pouch for XCD (Pouch)
Various lens accessories
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40,39 EUR was 63,60 EUR

Hasselblad Leather pouch for XCD


2. Tamron TAP-in Console for Canon

For the first time, customers can update firmware in selected Tamron lenses and customize the various lens functions as needed by simply attaching a TAMRON TAP-inconsole and running the TAMRON TAP-in utility software on their PC or Mac. Until now, firmware updates could only be carried out in a TAMRON customer service centre. With the new accessory and an Internet connection, customers can access their own website and update the firmware themselves at any time and from anywhere. In addition, selected lenses can be adjusted by changing the various settings according to how the customer wants to use the lens (described below), making it even more versatile and user-friendly. 

3. Caruba Tripod Mount Ring A II (W) voor Canon 70 200mm f4.0

Caruba Tripod Mount Ring A II (W).

4. SmallRig 3262 Wireless Handwheel Controller

SmallRig 3262 Wireless Handwheel.

5. Dzofilm Hard Case for Pictor Zoom 3-Lens Kit (14-30/20-55/50-125)

The Hard Case from DZOFilm is a hard case that fits the three Pictor zoom lenses of 14-30mm, 20-55mm and 50-125mm as well as various lens accessories. The insideof the case has a laser-cut foam insert that encloses and protects each lens. There are separate compartments for accessories, washers and lens mounts. 

6. Laowa Aurogon lens holder ring

7. JJC CS C37 Lens Cap Keeper voor G1X MarkIII lensdop

JJC CS C37 Lens Cap Keeper voor.

8. JJC Lens Cap Keepers

JJC Lens Cap Keepers.

9. SmallRig 3263 Wireless Receiver Motor

SmallRig 3263 Wireless Receiver.

10. Novoflex Adapter tripod clamp for Leica SL Adapt