Composter + garden bag

Composter + garden bag

With us you will find a solution for any type of composting. Whether it's organic kitchen waste or green waste, you need a container to store the leftovers and possibly get fresh soil or fertilizer from it again. To transport green waste from the bed to the compost bin, you can use a garden bag.

If you have enough space, you can place a composter in your garden. Composters rely on the natural composting of organic matter. The shredded garden waste heats up, which speeds up the process. Garden compost can be stored in round metal grids or in constructions made of wood. Very popular are also quick composters made of plastic which consist of several layers.

Alternatively, you can also rely on the fermentation of residues. For this you need the right compost container and appropriate microorganisms. This alternative is space-saving and odorless.

Another solution for balconies and terraces are worm composters. Here a container is enriched with worms, which eat odorless through the contained waste. This reduces the volume of waste many times over.

Here you will find small compost bins, fermenting composters from Skaza and large composters for the garden. You will also find various types of garden bags.

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