Gorenje MO20A3B Worktop Combi Microwave

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AquaClean\nAutomatic cleaning without detergents\nOven interior can be cleaned by filling a high-temperature-resistant glass or clay cup with tap water, placing it in the oven, and activating the AquaClean program. The resulting steam will soften any dirt on the oven walls. At the end of the program, simply clean the oven with a damp cloth.\n\nAutoProgrammes\nPreset programmes\nAutomatic presets allow simpler cooking of some types of food. You only have to choose the type of food and enter the weight, and the oven will automatically adjust the cooking power and duration.\n\nChildLock\nAlways on a safe side\nThe oven can be simply locked to prevent inadvertent use.\n\nDefrost\nSimple and efficient defrosting\nAll Gorenje microwave ovens stand out with the efficient defrosting preset that will evenly and quickly defrost any deep-frozen item.\n\n\nEasyClean\nClean with a single stroke\nSmooth interior without lips and slots makes cleaning a breeze. To clean the oven, all you need to do is wipe down the interior with a damp cloth\n\nLEDLight\nWell-arranged and efficient\nLED lighting provides excellent and highly efficient illumination. Its useful life is thirty times as long as that of conventional light bulbs, and it saves up to ten times as much power.\n\nMicrowaves\nMicrowaves for rapid cooking\nMicrowaves are electromagnetic waves that excite movement of the water molecules in the food. This motion generates energy that heats, cooks, or defrosts the food. Due to quick and effective penetration of the microwaves into the food, the dishes are cooked much faster than with conventional cooking methods.\n\nSafetySwitch\nAlways on the safe side\nSafety switch makes sure the use of the microwave oven is perfectly safe. It automatically stops the program progress if the door is opened during operation.\n\n\nSmartDisplay\nAdvanced LED display\nElegant and clearly laid out LED display allows you to monitor the cooking or heating progress in the microwave oven. The countdown timer provides up-to-date information on how much longer the cooking process will take and which heating elements are in use.\n\nSmartStart\nIndispensable rapid reheating\nAllowing rapid heating of food activated by a single touch, the SmartStart function will prove particularly handy when you just can't wait for your warm meal.\n\n\nSoftMelt\nOne, two, chocolate\nThe SoftMelt automatic program gently melts chocolate or butter at a constant temperature, thereby creating perfect conditions for melting, without burning.\n\nStartDelay\nDelayed start of oven operation\nThis convenient function allows setting the time when you wish the microwave oven operation to start. Thus, freshly cooked food will be ready just when you want it.\n\nStayWarm\nStaying perfect for the latecomers\nThe StayWarm automatic program keeps the food at a constant temperature until the time is right to serve the meal.\n\nWarmPlate\nServe delicious dishes in the comfort of your home\nWarmPlate, another handy automatic program, will warm your plates. Warmed plates prevent loss of flavour and ensure that the food tastes every bit as good as it should.\n\nTimer\nCountdown timer\nAll Gorenje microwave ovens allow setting the operating time – from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the model. The timer display clearly indicates the time remaining until the end of the cooking process.\n\nEcoMode\nEnergy savings\nIn case of prolonged absence or if you just wish to be more eco-friendly, you can activate the power-saving mode in which the display is turned off. You can save up to 40 % on standby energy.\n\nSoundSettings\nTurn off the volume\nThe microwave oven allows you to adjust the volume of acoustic signals. When you need silence, e.g. while your baby is asleep, you can still use your microwave oven without making a sound; simply turn off the acoustic signals and turn them back on at a later time.\n\nStepBake\nPerfect food in 2 or 3 steps\nYou can cook in several stages by manually programming a few ste...

Key specifications

800 W
45.10 cm
34.30 cm
25.70 cm
Heating type
Black, Transparent
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