Best Tefal products in the Electric kettles category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Tefal products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Tefal Kettle

With a thoroughly user-friendly design, the Includeo kettle from Tefal is suitable for everyone, the electric kettle has generous, easy-to-activate functions and a comfortable, easy-to-use design, a knob to open and close, an on/off switch, the large on/off switch with light indicator is easy to activate, a large water level indicator as well as a 360° rotating base, the capacity of1 litre capacity ensures a comfortable, light weight for easy handling and pouring, generously designed lid opening, the large knob for opening and closing the lid is easy to use, easy to read water level indicator, this kettle has two generously designed knobs for opening and closing the lid.This kettle has two generously sized viewing windows on both sides with clear, easy-to-read markings, the easy-to-remove filter ensures clean water and makes cleaning simple. 

2. Tefal Snow

It holds up to 0.9 litres of water and brings it to the boil with 500 watts of power. Operation is easy thanks to the soft-touch on/off switch with indicator light. Thanks to the integrated automatic boil stop, dry-boil protection and safety lock in the lid, the AWK810 kettle is also a good choice in terms of safety. 

3. Tefal KO2008

Prepare delicious hot drinks day after day with the Tefal Principio Select kettle in a modern, elegant design. This high performance kettle is designed for maximum ease of use, with a large, forward facing water level window for easy control and a precise spout with easy filling and assisted lid opening at the touch of a button. A removable anti-limescale filter and a concealed heating element ensure that the kettle and water remain clean. 

4. Tefal KO1508 Uno

The Uno KO 1508 kettle from Tefal holds up to 1.5 litres of water and has a convincing output of 2,400 watts. Comfort is provided by the water level indicator, 360° base and removable anti-scale filter. With integrated automatic cooking stop, it is also a good choice in terms of safety. The heating element switches off automatically when the boiling temperature is reached. 

5. Tefal Tefal Express KI170D40

• Stainless steel kettle, with a 1.7 L capacity: a practical and stylish appliance that fit in your kitchen;

• Concealed heating element for fast boiling and convenient
cleaning of the jug interior;

• Easy filling via the spout;

• Cord storage.

6. Tefal Mini Inox

On/off switch with pilot light. Wireless, 360° socket. Cable storage facility. Concealed heating coil (stainless steel cover). Removable lime filter. 2 water level indicators for right and left-handed people. Lockable lid. Jug surface in brushed stainless steel. Dry walking/overheating protection. Automatic cooking stop and manual switch-off option. Capacity 0.8l. 2200watts. 

7. Tefal KETTLE KI740B30 TEFAL


Kolor produktu:Srebrny

Regulowany termostat:Nie

Zdjemowalny filtr:Tak

Wskaźnik poziomu wody:Tak

Wbudowany wyłącznik:Tak

przed włączeniem pustego czajnika:Tak

Schowany element grzewczy:Tak


Pojemność zbiornika na wodę:1,7 l


Moc:2200 W


Ergonomiczny uchwyt:Tak

Podświetlony włącznik/wyłącznik:Tak

Automatyczne wyłączanie zasilania:Tak


Antypoślizgowe nóżki:Tak

Pokrywa na zawiasach:Tak

Lampka kontrolna:Tak

Obrotowa podstawa:Tak

Zamykane wieczko:Tak.

8. Tefal express control

Kettle with large LC display, warming function and automatic opening.

9. Tefal Loft KO251430

Elektrinis arbatinukas TEFAL KO 2514
Elektrinis arbatinukas, kurio galia 2400 Watt. Esant 1.7 l talpai, vienu metu galima užvirinti pakankamą vandens kiekį. Įterptas
antibakterinis filtras pašalina nepageidaujamas priemaišas iš vandens. 

10. Tefal KI583E

- The double-layered design offers a kettle with a touch-safe, heat-blocking shell for an appliance that feels cool to the touch - for comfort, peace of mind and total safety; - Equipped with a generous opening and easy-open lid for convenient filling; - The removable water-washable sediment water filter makes it easy to get pure water and clean water every day.Equipped with a generous opening and easy-open lid for convenient filling and cleaning; - The removable, water-washable sediment water filter makes it easy to enjoy the purest water and the cleanest kettle day after day. - The cordless design and 360° rotating base keep your kettle firmly in place.