Best Peugeot products in the Spice mills category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Peugeot products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Peugeot Pepper mill 'Pepperbar u'Select

Peugeot Pepper mill 'Pepperbar u'Select (Pepper)
Spice mills
46,90 EUR

Peugeot Pepper mill 'Pepperbar u'Select


2. Peugeot Elis Sense

The easy to use electric, tactile Peugeot Elis Sense U'Select pepper mill lights up and delivers the right amount of pepper. Treat yourself to new feelings withthis electric pepper mill. 

3. Peugeot Paris

The PARIS pepper mill from PEUGEOT trumps with its elegant design. This unmistakable mill is made of high-quality beech wood. The patented grinding system with sixdifferent grinding degrees or stepless adjustment of the grinding degree enables you to precisely adjust the grain size. With this unique model you can season your food in a stylish way. 

4. Peugeot Set Paris Pepper Mill & Salt Mill 22 cm

Test winner pepper mill Paris black and salt mill Paris white from Peugeot as a set at a special price.

- High-quality Peugeot grinder

- u'select - infinitely
variable grinder setting

- timelessly beautiful design

- Pepper mill colour black lacquered

- Salt mill colour white lacquered

- Height 22 cm

- 25 years warranty on the grinder*

- Stiftung Warentest test winner 01/2016

Peugeot Paris Gift Set - Pepper & Salt Mill 22 cm

The Paris spice mills from Peugeot are the classics among the pepper and salt mills. The Paris gift set includes a black lacquered pepper mill and a white lacquered salt mill. So you always have freshly ground spices with full aroma ready for cooking or seasoning at the table!

The Peugeot Paris spice mills are made of beech wood. They have very high-quality grinders made of metal that are perfectly adjusted for pepper or salt. These grinders surpass most other spice grinders in sharpness and durability. This guarantees that the flavours of the spices develop perfectly. The patented U-Select allows the grinding degree to be infinitely adjusted by turning the lower end of the mill. There are also 6 fixed settings.

The Paris U Select pepper mill from Peugeot was the test winner at Stiftung Warentest in January 2016. 14 manual pepper mills were tested. A Peugeot mill also won in the category of electric mills: the modern stainless steel pepper mill "Elis Sense". The complete test results can be found in the 1/2016 issue of the magazine "Test".

Frequently asked question about the Peugeot salt mill:

Which salt can be used in the Peugeot salt mill?

For optimal operation of the Peugeot salt mill, Peugeot recommends using coarse, dry salt such as dry sea salt or rock salt. The salt crystals should have a maximum diameter of approx. 4 mm. Some salts, such as the popular Himalayan salt, are often offered in grains of up to 8 mm. These should be crushed with a mortar before use in the Paris salt mill.

As the grinder is made of stainless V4A stainless steel, it is not affected by corrosion from salt. For moist sea salt, please use a specially designed sea salt mill

*Peugeot gives a 25-year guarantee on the properties of the grinder. This does not affect your statutory rights to claim against us for defects. You can view the content of the guarantee and all the essential information required to claim under the guarantee here Further information on handling Peugeot spice mills.

Peugeot Set Paris Pepper Mill & Salt Mill 22 cm (Salt, Pepper)
Spice mills
only 1 piece on sale
138,65 EUR was 162,34 EUR

Peugeot Set Paris Pepper Mill & Salt Mill 22 cm

Salt, Pepper

5. Peugeot Mills set BALI

Where there are spices, there is a grinder. And so that the grinding and crushing of delicious pepper and crunchy salt also works well. The BALI pepper mill maybe small but it is fine, because its powerful grinder means it is in no way inferior to larger mills. With its height of 8 cm and its impressive look, it not only lies well in the hand, but also looks chic on every table. The cast iron also gives it a tactile surface and a noble design. It also impresses with its stainless steel grinder, which can be adjusted at the head screw so that you can season your food with both fine and coarse pepper. 

6. Peugeot Paris U-Select

The beech wood optimally brings out the classic, bulbous shape of the mill and emphasizes its timeless character. The elegant mill fits into any ambience. It featuresPeugeot's patented uSelect technology, which allows the desired grind to be infinitely adjusted with the utmost precision. The high-quality and proven manual Peugeot grinder with its special double-row toothing grinds reliably and produces perfect results. 

7. Peugeot Pepper mill and 3 storage jars 'Pepperbar u'Select

Pepper mill Pepperbar u'Select including three premium pepper jars, length: 11 cm, colour: graphite, made of steel / glass / PEFC-certified wood, steel grinder,exchangeable jars made of glass, precise grind setting by patented U-Select system, 3 exquisite pepper varieties, 1 recipe book, 1 pen. 

Peugeot Pepper mill and 3 storage jars 'Pepperbar u'Select (Pepper)
Spice mills
65,90 EUR

Peugeot Pepper mill and 3 storage jars 'Pepperbar u'Select


8. Peugeot BBQ Pepper Mill

BBQ pepper mill with light, length 30 cm, colour: graphite, made of steel / PEFC-certified wood, shockproof, automatic light - comes on immediately when slightlytilted and goes off when put down, with stainless steel hook. 

9. Peugeot Daman U-Select

The Daman pepper mill from Peugeot is based on a particularly innovative design, as it does without the traditional vertical central axis. This simplifies the fillingof the mill. 

10. Peugeot Pepper mill Paris

The beech wood perfectly accentuates the classic, bulbous shape of the mill and emphasises its timeless character. The elegant grinder fits into any ambience. Itis equipped with Peugeot's patented uSelect technology, which allows the desired grind to be set continuously with maximum precision. The high-quality, tried-and-tested manual Peugeot grinder with its special double-row gearing grinds reliably and produces perfect results.