Top-rated products in the Coffee machine accessories category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. De'Longhi DL-SC002

The water filter reduces limescale deposits, improves coffee quality and ensures perfect coffee aroma and long machine performance. For all fully automatic coffee machines of the entire ECAM series, ETAM series and PrimaDonna series, the BCO 410.1 and BCO 420.1 combination coffee machines as well as the EC 680, EC 820 and EC 850 espresso machines. 

2. Jura Claris Smart

If you have a jura fully automatic coffee machine Z8, Z6, J6, J600, E8, E80, E800, E6, E60, E600 with an intelligent water system, then the CLARIS Smart water filter from jura is just the right accessory for you. Did you know that your coffee consists of 98% water? Now it becomes clear why coffee simply tastes better with filtered water. 1 pack = 3 pcs.

If used correctly and regularly, even regular descaling is unnecessary. This saves valuable time, especially when the jura machine is used at the workplace. It also protects components of the coffee machine such as pipes, heating elements and pump. Your high-quality jura fully automatic coffee maker Z8, Z6, J6, J600, E8, E80, E800, E6, E60, E600 will thus have an even longer service life and retain its value better. And of course your daily coffee tastes much better.

3. De'Longhi Tapping container DLSC059

To knock off the coffee grounds from the filter holder.

4. Philips Aqua Clean

Enjoy pure water for first-class coffee taste thanks to the innovative AquaClean
Water filters. AquaClean filters the water to ensure an intense aroma, and
limescale deposits, so that you no longer have to descale your machine so often. 

5. De'Longhi Coffee Tamper DLSC058

Coffee hitchhiker for pressing the coffee powder into the sieve carrier, with the correct pressure.

6. Sage Claro Swiss

Claro Swiss limescale dissolving water filter. Expiration date specified on new filter.

7. Jura 3-phase cleaning tablets


8. Sage the Knock Box Mini

Sage's sturdy tapping container can withstand even heavy tapping without any problems, making it the perfect coffee accessory for every household. The sturdy tapping rod makes it easy to remove even stuck coffee grounds. 

9. Sage the Espresso Cleaner

Sage cleaning tablets Espresso 8 pieces.

10. Siemens Brita for EQ. Fully automatic coffee machines

Longer unit service life thanks to optimum protection against limescale deposits. The Brita water filter helps to develop the best possible aroma for perfect coffee taste. It has an aroma ring for setting the optimum water hardness for maximum coffee enjoyment. The filter helps to reduce water impurities such as chlorine or lead/copper. Suitable for all Siemens fully automatic coffee makers of the EQ. series