Best Wolf-Garten products in the Garden hand tools category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Wolf-Garten products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Wolf-Garten Fruit collectors

Fruit and nut collector with large exchangeable basket. Incl. handle for emptying the basket. Thanks to the smaller collecting basket available as an accessory, smaller fruits can also be collected effortlessly. The two collecting baskets can be exchanged in a few easy steps without any tools. The emptying handle can be attached to the basket to save space. This way you have all the necessary parts together in one place and don't lose them. It is best to attach the supplied handle to a stable container. The handle spreads the full collection basket and empties the contents into the collection container. 

2. Wolf-Garten Jointing brush

System: Multi-Star, device type: brush.

3. Wolf-Garten Hand Cultivator

Comfort zone on the handle supports the pulling movement.

4. Wolf-Garten KS-M Weeding knife

Weeding dandelions and other long-stemmed plants is often a nuisance: half of the root breaks off in the soil, and soon a new plant sprouts in the same place. With this practical attachment, however, the complete removal is child's play. Combined with a multi-star handle such as the ZM-AD with D-handle, the taproots can be removed easily and without strain on the back. The 17 cm wide tread edge of the attachment ensures particularly comfortable working. Product quality Made in Germany. 

5. Wolf-Garten HW-M Hoe

More than 70 high-quality and extremely durable attachments and 15 stems in various lengths make work around the house and garden easier - whether planting on a narrow balcony or pruning trees at a height of several metres. This hoe is suitable for the effortless removal of deeply rooted weeds. At the same time, the tool is ideal for loosening up the soil. The working width of a comfortable 15 cm always ensures the necessary efficiency. Of course, the blade is additionally hardened to withstand the highest demands. In addition, the extra sharp blade can be replaced, which further increases the service life of the attachment. The attachment can be combined with all handles of the multi-star system - for permanently relaxed working. 

6. Wolf-Garten Wolf Combisystem Multi-Star Claw

A long handle is not always suitable for gardening. In closely overgrown beds, plant pots or on the balcony, short-handled tools make the work much easier. This set of garden claw with a compact working width of 6.5 cm and the 30 cm handle made of plastic makes loosening soil and weeding easier even in confined spaces. Optimum plant growth is guaranteed! The handle is characterised by its particularly good grip and comfortable handling. With just one click, it can be combined with almost all multi-star® attachments and thus offers maximum versatility for all work around the house and garden. Product quality Made in Germany. One click - endless possibilities multi-star® - the principle is as simple as it is ingenious: with a basic set of handles in various working lengths, you can connect over 70 tool heads with one "click". multi-star® means well with your back Most people have a twinge in their back. This reminds us how important good posture is. Support your back with the various handle lengths of the multi-star® system to remain upright and relaxed, even when gardening. The soil cultivation implements are aligned according to a special precision working angle, so that you can work in the garden with energy savings and an even working depth. You can rely on this quality The multi-star® tool system is "Made in Germany". Wolf Garten thus makes a promise of quality in terms of high-quality materials, excellent workmanship, innovative functionality and design. 

7. Wolf-Garten Multi-Star LA-M/ZM 015

In small beds, plant pots or when tending graves, long-handled gardening tools are more of an obstacle than they are useful. Compact models with maneuverability are needed here. This set consists of a small cultivator with a working width of 7 cm and a short handle with a length of 30 cm. This always provides the optimum grip when loosening small beds and tubs for a permanently good supply of nutrients to the plants. The hardened material prevents bending and ensures lasting stability. The full flexibility is particularly practical: if a long handle is required for upright work, the attachment can be effortlessly combined with almost any other handle in the highly functional multi-star® series with just one click. 

8. Wolf-Garten Joint scraper

One-handed joint scraper KF-2K, Higher grip safety due to control zone on the handle.

9. Wolf-Garten Automatic planter

Wolf-Garten Automatic Planter FH-N, Type Soil preparation: Planter, Type of equipment: Small equipment.

10. Wolf-Garten Garden tool set

The gift set is the ideal present for people with small gardens, balconies or terraces. The high-quality processed devices are characterized by a 3-zone handle, which always ensures a secure grip and guarantees optimal power transmission. The secateurs are ideally suited for pruning young shoots. The joint scraper makes it easy to remove moss and weeds on the patio and in the corners of walls. Hand cultivator and flower trowel always ensure loose soil in balcony boxes and rock gardens and facilitate planting even in heavy soils.