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1. HAZET Tyre inflator ∙ calibrated 9041G-1

HAZET Tyre inflator 9041 G-1 , calibrated, 0-10 bar

Manual tyre inflator for precise tyre filling and checking the air pressure. Special rubber sheath protects
manometer against minor knocks. Hose with clip-on air chuck. Handle with integrated suspension device.


Delivery includes connector plug NW 7.2.

2. HAZET Tyre inflator 9041-1

Special rubber housing protects manometer against light impacts Measuring tolerance ± 0.3 bar Handle with operating lever and discharge knob (for one-hand use) Flexible hose (length 400 mm) with plug-in nipple Max. pressure: 12 bar Handle with integrated suspension hook Manometer measuring range: 0 - 12 bar Graduation: 0.1 bar Manometer diameter: 63 mm Scale value in bar Air connection inlet: Inside thread 12.91 mm (1/4″) Coupler plug: Nominal size 7.2 (included) Net weight: 0.41 kg Temperature range: -10°C - 40°C 

3. Einhell Compressed air set 3 pieces

4. HAZET Hose reel 9040N-10

Application: Automatic hose reel offers tidiness in the workshop – hose not left lying around, thus reducing the risk of accidents Hose stop at any point with “Stop at any point” function Neat winding of the hose thanks to automatic guidance Braked winding to prevent risk of accidents Inside diameter of the hose: 10 mm Suitable for compressed air or water Dimensions: 459 x 378 x 205 mm Dimensions (packed): 465 x 400 x 220 mm Hybrid polymer hose, black Length of connection hose: 0.9 m Integrated drill template for mounting on cardboard packaging Thread BSPT Meets all relevant requirements defined in the European Directives for Machinery 2006/42/EC Optionally usable with HAZET safety coupling 9000-061 Closed special plastic case, supplied with rotating metal mounting bracket made for separate installation at the workplace Borehole spacing of the mounting bracket: 186 mm Air connection inlet: Outside thread 16.41 mm (3/8″) Air connection outlet: Outside thread 16.41 mm (3/8″) Hose length: 15 m Max. working pressure [bar]: 20 bar Net weight: 6.45 kg Temperature range: -40°C – 60°C 

5. HAZET Air blow gun ∙ 100 mm 9040P-1

Application: Fast removal of shavings or other foreign objects, especially in areas that are difficult to access Standard nozzle Curved tube Pipe ∅: 8 mm Blast pipe and shaft made of steel 2003/10/CE Max 85 dB OSHA 1910.95 (b) Max 90 dB 8 hr To be used on machinery, in workshops, for wood work, hobby workshops Handle, trigger and valve made of acetal plastic Seals and O-rings made of nitrile Spring made of hardened spring steel Air connection inlet: Inside thread 12.91 mm (1/4″) Coupler plug: Nominal size 7.2 (included) Working pressure (bar): 6 Max. working pressure [bar]: 16 bar Dimensions / length: 247 mm Net weight: 0.1 kg Temperature range: -10°C – 80°C Sound pressure level: 84 dB(A) Lp A Air requirement: 290 l/min (4.8 l/sec) 

6. HAZET Spiral hose 9040-7

The spiral hose 9040-7 is made of polyurethane and has an inner diameter of 6,35mm. It has 360° swivel joints on both connections. Burst pressure according to DIN: 55.1 bar/800 PSI . 

7. Einhell Inflator adapter set 8 pieces

8. HAZET 2-way air blow gun 9040-4

Robust aluminium housing with optional air connection at the head or handle, pressure regulator and exchangeable nozzles. * Aluminium housing with non-slip handle. * Short nozzle for confined spaces. * Incl. 112 mm long nozzle for reaching hard-to-reach areas incl. safety nozzle tip (with scratch protection). * Maximum pressure: 10 bar. * With pressure regulator. * Air connection possible from below (foot) and above (head). * For quick removal of chips or other foreign bodies. * For use on machines, in workshops, woodworking shops, furnishing companies and in the household, especially in places that are difficult to access Technical characteristics: * Air connection thread: 6.3 mm (1/4″). * Sound pressure level Lp A: 86 dB (A). * Operating pressure bar: 6.3. 

9. Metabo Compressed air tool set

Set consisting of blowgun, tyre inflation gauge, paint spray gun with flow cup and PA spiral hose. Blowgun with light, robust housing made of die-cast aluminium. Compressed air paint spray gun with 0.6 l flow cup and continuously adjustable round and wide jet. Tyre inflation gauge for checking and inflating tyres. Spiral hose (4.9 m) with quick coupling and nipple. 

10. Güde Automatic hose reel

The material for wall mounting is included and the installation itself is accordingly simple. The impact-resistant plastic housing with a practical carrying handle swivels up to 180° to both sides and with the 15-metre long and new type of special hose, with a mixture of rubber and PVC, you can easily reach any workstation within this radius. The compressed air hose is extremely soft, kink and abrasion resistant, resistant to chemicals and even at temperatures as low as -20° still supple and easy to handle. The layer-wound automatic draw-in with ASRC (Automatic-Slow-Retration-Control) ensures optimum safety with a slow and controlled draw-in and prevents the hose end from striking vehicles or persons with great force when the hose is drawn in. The hose can be "driven over" by the vehicle even under pressure and can be used for a working pressure of up to 12 bar.