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Battery research: Xiaomi builds solid-state battery in smartphone

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The Chinese electronics manufacturer has built a solid-state battery into the Xiaomi 13 in the laboratory. In this battery, the electrodes and electrolyte are made of solid material. Compared to the lithium-ion battery with liquid components, this is supposed to be more resistant.

The electronics manufacturer has installed a solid-state battery in the Xiaomi 13 as a test. The new battery technology increases the nominal charge from 4500 mAh to 6000 mAh. This is an increase of 33 per cent.

According to the manufacturer, the battery has a better discharge rate at low temperatures of up to minus 20 degrees. This means that the battery discharges constantly even at low temperatures. In addition, the solid-state battery is more resistant than conventional batteries. This is because the positive electrode is internally encased and thus protected.

Xiaomi claims an energy density of 1000 watt hours per litre for the solid-state battery. This is the distribution of energy over a certain size. The higher the number, the smaller and more compact the battery is for the same storage capacity. In comparison, conventional lithium-ion batteries have an energy density between 180 and 500 Wh/L.

Das aktuelle Xiaomi 13, hier mit regulärem Lithium-Ionen-Akku, hat eine Laborvariante mit Festkörperakku.
Das aktuelle Xiaomi 13, hier mit regulärem Lithium-Ionen-Akku, hat eine Laborvariante mit Festkörperakku.
Foto: Jan Johannsen

Unlike lithium-ion batteries with liquid electrolytes, solid-state batteries have no problems with temperature fluctuations. They also have a longer life and better storage capacity. Furthermore, they are not flammable. > Solid-state batteries are still less used in electronic devices. Moreover, the ionic conductivity of solid materials is lower than the conductivity of liquid electrolytes.

Generally speaking, solid-state batteries are used in electronic devices less frequently.

Generally, more research is needed in the development of solid-state batteries. The Xiaomi 13 with solid-state battery is also a test model. The commercially available Xiaomi 13 is sold with the usual lithium-ion battery.

Titelfoto: Jan Johannsen

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