Does your air fryer really replace a deep fryer?

Is deep-frying also possible in an air fryer or oven? If you’ve been wondering the same thing, then you’ve come to the right place. We went after this question of all questions for you in the video above. For English subtitles, click on Settings > Subtitles > Auto-translate.

Only recently found the recipe for the best «quarkini» EVER? Or do you finally want to try your hand at making your own doughnuts? You may be fully convinced. «Ya know, they just taste unbeatable when still warm, and the ones I buy always have too little jam in them.» The big problem – deep-frying. Hot fat and no clue what to do are literally an accident waiting to happen.

No problem! Frying rookie Simon and I tested less complex and at the same time highly praised lower-calorie alternatives, air fryers and ovens, and compared them with the deep-fried original. You can find out our verdict in the video. The short answer: forget about air fryers and ovens.

Deep-frying isn’t that difficult if you stick to the following points.

The right oil

It’s best to use an oil that can be heated to a high temperature – a so-called high-oleic oil. This has a high proportion of oleic acid (hence high-oleic) and a low proportion of linoleic acid (low-linoleic). It can therefore withstand the high temperatures that occur during deep-frying. So use sunflower, peanut or rapeseed oil, for example.

No deep fryer? No problem. Fry in a pot.

If you don’t have a deep fryer at home, you can easily fry your «quarkini» in a tall pan. All you need is a kitchen thermometer and suitable cookware. The wider the pan or pot, the more dough pieces you can fry off at the same time.

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Fill the pan halfway with frying oil (1-2 litres) and heat it to 170-180 degrees. You should keep checking the oil temperature with your kitchen thermometer to ensure that it doesn’t exceed 180 degrees. If the temperature gets too high, there’s an increased risk of carcinogenic acrylamide forming and the oil tasting bad. Temperature tests with wooden sticks, as suggested in some places, are nonsense. Dough pieces are best handled with a slotted spoon. Place them in the hot oil and lift them out again.

Deep frying like a pro – honey, haul out the deep fryer!

Deep fryers are even easier than pots. Thanks to the automatic temperature control, you don’t have to constantly monitor the oil with a thermometer and frying is much more relaxing. Therefore, if you want to fry more often, you still have some space in the cupboard and don’t want to play with temperatures, it’s 300% worth buying a deep fryer.

So that everything goes well, a few simple safety tips

  • First of all, oil doesn’t simply catch fire during frying. This only happens – and really ONLY – if it’s heated above 280 degrees for too long. If, contrary to expectations, this actually does happen, place a fire blanket over it to smother the fire. Done.
  • Before frying, move all easily flammable and heat-sensitive objects out of the way so that the working area is clean and clear.
  • Keep all the tools and ingredients needed for frying to hand so that there’s no rush.
  • Don’t leave the oil unattended while heating and frying, especially if children are nearby.
  • Never add water to hot oil as this will cause the oil to boil over.
  • After frying, leave the deep fryer or pan you used to stand until the hot oil has cooled down completely. Even small splashes of hot oil on your skin can make you flinch involuntarily and cause a mishap.
  • Last but not least, these safety tips are by no means intended to scare you off. If you pay close attention to everything, deep-frying is a piece of cake and you’ll be rewarded with delicious sweet treats.

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