Kingston ValueRAM

1 x 16GB, 2666 MHz, DDR4-RAM, DIMM
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Upgrade your system with more RAM and achieve a significant increase in performance. With sufficient RAM, the operating system and programs can be loaded directly into the main memory and are available particularly quickly thanks to random access and access times in the nanosecond range. If there is not enough RAM, the operating system and programs are outsourced to the hard disk, whose access times are considerably higher in the millisecond range.

DDR4 brings some improvements in terms of speed and performance compared to previous generations. A fourth-generation RAM bar has more pins connecting it to the board to accommodate the higher speed. Each DIMM gets a direct line to the CPU controller to avoid delays or bottlenecks in data transfer from the CPU to RAM. DDR4 also includes innovations that reduce power requirements and increase reliability.

Key specifications

Memory type
Memory configuration
1 x 16GB
Storage clock frequency
2666 MHz
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