Framing system

The Frame offers you a variety of interchangeable magnetic frames. Easily find a frame in the colour and style that suits you best. Interchangeable frames for your The Frame are available in three exciting colours: white, teak and brown. Play with contrasts or use the frame as an aesthetic addition to your living room, whether you're styling a room for its function, its colour scheme or even for a special occasion. The interchangeable frames are now available in two varieties. Brighten up your room with the Modern Type or choose the Beveled Type if you prefer the look of a traditional picture frame.

How easy is it to fit a frame in a different colour? It couldn't be easier, as the interchangeable frames simply attach with magnets. Frame and TV compatibility depends on the frame type. The Modern Type is compatible with The Frame TVs in sizes from 43" to 75", while the Beveled Type can only be used with models in sizes 65" and 55".

Key specifications

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