• LG's OLED Evo G4 tested: the strongest meta-game yet

    Product test

    by Luca Fontana


Television technology has evolved rapidly, and modern TVs offer a range of functionalities to cater to various viewing preferences. Televisions enhance the home entertainment experience with high-definition picture quality, smart capabilities, and sleek designs that fit into your living space seamlessly. Customers ranging from avid movie buffs to sports fanatics and casual viewers seek televisions that provide a vivid and immersive viewing experience. These devices are no longer just for watching live broadcasts but function as smart hubs for streaming content, gaming, and even browsing the internet.

TVs come in several subtypes, with each offering unique features that appeal to different customers. QLED TVs utilize quantum dot technology to deliver vibrant and rich colors, making them a favorite for those who love a dynamic picture. OLED TVs are heralded for their deep blacks, excellent contrast ratios, and viewing angles, suitable for dimly lit environments and critical watching. LCD TVs with LED backlighting offer a balance between performance and value, making them a go-to for everyday viewing needs. LED TVs stand out for their energy efficiency and brightness, catering well to bright rooms and eco-conscious users.

When shopping for the perfect TV, several key properties should guide your selection. Screen technology is pivotal — OLED screens are perfect for cinematic experiences, while LED and QLED screens offer great overall performance. Image resolution is another critical factor, with 4K providing an ultra-high-definition picture for a more life-like viewing experience. The operating system determines the smart functionality of your TV, with systems like Android offering a wide range of apps and services. Finally, energy efficiency is increasingly important, you can filter options based on the energy efficiency class to find an eco-friendly and cost-effective model, like those rated as 'A'.

The market offers a diversity of brands, each presenting their unique innovations. Hisense's 55A6K blends affordability with smart features, making it a compelling choice for the budget-conscious. Philips' 65OLED708/12 immerses viewers with its Ambilight technology and OLED performance, offering a theatrical experience at home. Samsung pushes the envelope with the QE75QN95B, delivering exceptional color accuracy and brightness through its QLED display. Sony's XR-65A80L is designed for the dedicated viewer, with cutting-edge image processing for unparalleled clarity. LG's OLED65C37LA showcases the pinnacle of OLED technology, with its stunning picture and sophisticated AI features. Each brand offers distinctive qualities, ensuring there's a television to satisfy every preference and viewing scenario.