Antenna + Satellite cables

Step into the world of crystal-clear transmission with our meticulously curated collection of Antenna and Satellite cables. Our online shop offers a comprehensive array of options designed to connect and optimize your audio-visual systems with ease. With offerings from leading brands like Primewire, Hama, Delock, Axing, and Goobay, you're assured of the highest quality for your connectivity needs. Our customers can explore products ranging from Primewire's superbly shielded HDTV Premium Koaxialkabel to Hama's versatile antenna cables and Delock’s GSM/UMTS/LTE antenna extension solutions. Be it for your home theater setup or ensuring robust broadband connections with Axing, our selection caters to every need. Goobay delivers specialized solutions like the SAT window feed-through for unobstructive installations, ensuring your setup maintains both functionality and aesthetics.

When choosing the perfect Antenna or Satellite cable for your requirements, pay close attention to two pivotal properties: Length and Cable Colour. The length variable is paramount, typically measured around 7cm, allowing the flexibility to span the distance between the devices without creating excessive slack. Cable colour is another significant characteristic, with the typical value being white, which ensures a discreet and seamless integration into most décor themes. Utilize these properties as key filters to narrow down your search to the optimal cable for your setup. Whether you are in pursuit of the refined performance of a Primewire Antenna Cable or the precision of a Goobay SAT feed-through, our properties filters ease the selection process, guiding you towards the most suitable product to meet your requirements.

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