WD Red Plus

8 TB, 3.5", CMR

The WD Red Plus offers concentrated performance for small and medium business NAS environments and increased workloads in home and small offices. It is optimized for archiving, content sharing, and building RAID arrays in systems with ZFS and other file systems. Designed and tested for NAS systems with up to 8 drive bays, the hard drives provide the flexibility, versatility and security you need when storing and sharing your valuable personal and business files.With a NAS and WD Red Plus hard drives, you can stream, back up, organize and share your digital content effortlessly with other devices on your home or business network. NASware 3.0 technology increases the compatibility of your hard drives with other devices. Larger businesses with up to 24 drive bays can rely on the outstanding performance of WD Red Pro hard drives.Designed for optimal NAS compatibility - WD Red Plus hard drives with NASware technology make hard drive selection easy. The unique algorithm is optimized for NAS systems, creating the right balance of performance and reliability in NAS and RAID environments. In short, WD Red Plus is the most compatible hard drive for NAS enclosures. That's backed up by numbers, too. WD Red Plus hard drives are the result of extensive compatibility testing with NAS partners and extensive integration of their technologies.3D Active Balance Plus - Advanced two-level mass balance technology dramatically improves overall drive performance and reliability. Hard drives without proper mass balance can cause excessive vibration and noise in a multi-drive system, reducing drive life and degrading performance over time.A continuous duty environment - Your NAS system runs around the clock. Therefore, a highly reliable storage is essential. With an MTBF of more than 1 million hours, WD Red Plus is designed for continuous operation.Unlike desktop drives, these hard drives are tested for compatibility with NAS systems to ensure optimal performance.The continuous operation of a NAS or RAID is extremely demanding. Desktop hard drives are typically not designed and tested for these conditions - unlike WD Red Plus.WD Red Plus NAS hard drives are specifically designed with RAID troubleshooting protocols that help reduce failures in the NAS system.Desktop drives are designed for single drive operation and therefore typically offer little or no protection against noise and vibration found in systems with multiple drives. WD Red Plus hard drives are optimized for use in NAS environments with multiple drive bays.

Key specifications

Storage Technology
Memory Scope of application
Max. Speed
7200 RPM
Item number

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