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    Wi-Fi on every floor: six fixes for you to try

    by Martin Jud

Network cables

Network cables are still widely used in IT. Network cables, often called patch cables or LAN cables, can be used to connect computers and other network devices into a home or office network using an additional distribution box. No matter whether it is household appliances, network hard drives or TV sets, networking will remain an important factor in the future.
We carry different lengths up to more than 10 meters and cover all cable categories from e.g. Cat-5 cables up to Cat. 8.1. The meaning of the different levels of quality or which shielding a cable has can be found in the respective filters (shielding, fiber optic or copper cable, whether flat ribbon, halogen-free, etc.)
We offer network cables from Lindy, Dätwyler, Digitus, Draka, Lightwin, Roline, LINK2GO, Goobay or Wirewin.