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    Home Alone: your kid is ready, but you don’t have a landline?

    by Katja Fischer


Do you often misplace things or even lose them? Then a tracker is perfect for you.
A tracker, also called a key finder, is a useful gadget with which you can find various objects. Key finders are not only for keys, as the name suggests. You can also attach the key finder to your suitcase, backpack or any other item you want to find.

The items equipped with a tracker can be located via Bluetooth or Social GPS. To do this, simply pair your smartphone with the tracker and you can use the associated app to find your belongings. Depending on how close your item is, you can have the tracker beep to help you locate your item. Alternatively, you can locate the tracker and have it show you on a map where your item is. Another option are trackers with a QR code. These trackers work without Bluetooth and the QR code can be scanned by the finder of your belongings and then contact you.

In our range you will find the well-known trackers such as the Apple AirTag, the Samsung SmartTag or the Chipolo One. You can also find trackers from other brands such as Belkin, 4smarts or Tile.

To attach the tracker to an object, you can also use the filter "Tracker accessory type" to find tags and protective covers for it.