Video accessories

In the realm of video production, having the right accessories can be just as crucial as the camera itself. Video accessories enhance the functionality and versatility of your setup, allowing for higher production value and smoother operational flow. Customers seeking to upgrade their video recording arsenal will find a wide array of products in this category, ranging from wireless lens controls to tethering cables and custom rigging solutions.

Tilta is renowned for its precision control systems, with the Nucleus Nano II being a popular choice among filmmakers for its wireless follow focus capabilities. Tether Tools, meanwhile, offers reliable connectivity solutions; their TetherPro USB-C / USB-C cable is a go-to for a seamless tethered shooting experience, ensuring fast and stable data transfer. SmallRig caters to the needs of mobile videographers with its All-In-One Phone Video Kit, which offers a sturdy and configurable platform for smartphone videography.

For those involved in post-production, Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel is an essential part of the editing suite, providing hands-on control over color correction and grading. Lastly, Elgato's Prompt stands out for creators who require assistance with scripted deliveries or presentations, offering a smart prompting solution that integrates easily with their existing setups.

Every video production enthusiast or professional will discover that these top brands deliver innovative solutions to common shooting and production challenges, augmented by a robust catalogue of video accessories that are designed to elevate your creative capabilities.