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  • DS1821+ (0 TB)
  • DS1821+ (0 TB)
  • DS1821+ (0 TB)
  • DS1821+ (0 TB)
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Synology DS1821+ (0 TB)

Question about Synology DS1821+ (0 TB)

User Stardustone
 Accepted answer

Modern NAS such as the Synology DS1821+ can accept all kind of sizes, there is no limit, as big as you can get, they will work. In th past, there were NAS systems that had a 2TB limit, but these days are all gone. At the time the Synology NAS supports 16TB drives, but that is only a matter of time, if larger will become available, this number will go up also.

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User Anonymous

Thank you for your answer.
But a DS1813+ like I have, it can be updated or is there another limitation like you say with your 2TB example ?

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