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Intel Core i9-13900K (LGA 1700, 3 GHz, 24 -Core)
576,01 EUR

Intel Core i9-13900K

LGA 1700, 3 GHz, 24 -Core

Question about Core i9-13900K - 523582

Dimi L

2 years ago

I guess the price of this 13900k exploded from 674 to 754 because it's not on stock right now and demand is high. So the price algorithm just goes nuts... It's really exhausting that digitec does this. If it's not on stock just leave the price how it is. Stop trading prices to squeeze your customers for as much cash as possible. A really ugly habit digitec has taken up here. Disappointing.


As correctly suspected, our prices are largely controlled by a system. Prices can change daily, even if the item is not in stock, due to the general market price.