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Intel Core i9-13900K (LGA 1700, 3 GHz, 24 -Core)
570,88 EUR

Intel Core i9-13900K

LGA 1700, 3 GHz, 24 -Core

Question about Core i9-13900K - 520600


2 years ago

What is going on with the delivery date? The delivery date was set for October 20th and is now November 24th? Already ordered on the 10th. Same for the GSkill that is now moved by 1 or 2 months between end of Nov and end of Dec. I ordered on Oct 10 so would expect at least that you guys know when you will receive it instead of adding a month at convenience. And yes, the price goes up by 200 CHF each evening. What is with the dynamic pricing?


2 years ago

I think these are just placeholders until the goods arrive.