Baby bath towels

Baby bath towels are a cozy, comfortable staple in the post-bathing routine for infants and toddlers. Designed to keep little ones warm and snug while they transition from a bath to their clothes or bedtime attire, these towels often feature hoods to cover and dry the baby's head, a key feature given babies lose most of their body heat through their heads. Parents and caregivers depend on the softness and absorbency of these towels to gently dry their baby's sensitive skin, and the cute designs and motifs can make bath time more enjoyable for both the child and the adult.

At Galaxus, we offer a delightful variety of baby bath towels from trusted brands that parents turn to for quality and comfort. Zewi's Hooded bath towel stands out for its plush fabric that wraps the baby in warmth, while Sterntaler appeases the visual senses with the Motif bath towel, featuring adorable designs like the Emmilius character. Aden + anais is celebrated for their soft cotton muslin baby bandana bibs, an accessory that can complement a towel for mealtime spills right after a bath. Södahl brings enchantment to the mix with their Firda Fox towel; charming and playful to delight your little one. For those sunny days or vacations, Lässig offers a practical solution with their Bathing poncho with built-in UV protection, expanding the use of baby towels from the bathroom to the beach or pool. Each of these brands delivers a blend of functionality and comforting aesthetics that cater to the needs and wishes of parents and their babies.