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    Under pressure: the Instant Pot pressure cooker

    by Simon Balissat

Cookware accessories

In our carefully curated selection of cookware accessories, customers can discover a diverse range of products designed to enhance and complement their cooking experiences. These accessories are not only practical but also serve as integral companions to your pots and pans. With offerings from esteemed brands like Le Creuset, Tefal, Kuhn Rikon, Gastrolux, and WMF, cooks of all levels can find the perfect tool to protect, steam, drain, or handle their cookware with ease and style.

Among these accessories, pan protectors are a must-have to safeguard your cookware from scratches during storage. Bamboo steamers provide an authentic way to steam dishes, preserving nutrients and flavors. Pan lids, available in materials like glass or metal, are essential for simmering and retaining moisture in your dishes. Cover knobs and pot handles offer the choice to refresh the look of or replace existing parts on your cookware. Drainers take the challenge out of pasta nights, and splash guards protect your stovetop from oil splatter. The versatility of pan and lid holders makes them an essential space-saving solution. Packing rings and sealing rings, like those from WMF, ensure your pots and pans remain airtight. Lastly, steaming inserts from brands such as Kuhn Rikon allow for healthy cooking methods, fitting seamlessly into your pots.

When exploring our range of cookware accessories, customers should pay special attention to important properties like the material group and diameter. Materials typically range from durable metals to heat-resistant silicone, each offering different benefits such as longevity or protection. The diameter is crucial for ensuring a proper fit, with a typical value of 22cm fitting many standard-sized pots and pans. Using these properties as filters, customers can easily navigate the selection and find the accessory that meets their cookware needs perfectly. Whether you're looking to upgrade, maintain, or enhance your cooking tools, these properties will guide you to an ideal match for your culinary endeavors.