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Stainless steel or the certified materials Cromargan® and Cromargan® protect by the WMF brand are particularly robust and durable. This material is very resistant and scratch-proof. Cromargan® protect is a developed form of Cromargan® and therefore even more high-quality. Cutlery sets made of Cromargan® protect are more expensive than Cromargan® or stainless steel models.

Finish: A well-made piece of cutlery fits well in the hand, has clean edges and forks have polished prongs. There are several types of surface finish: polished (highest possible smoothing), matted (machine sanded) or satin-polished (machine sandblasted). An additional sign of quality is the manufacturing of the cutlery (table knife) as a monobloc (monobloc knife) or with an inserted forged blade (hollow handle knife). In the case of the monobloc, the knife is made from a single piece of stainless steel. As a rule, these knives are less expensive and heavier. When using a forged blade, the production process is more complex, of higher quality and more expensive, as the blade is forged separately and joined with the lower part of the knife. This results in a more balanced and lighter weight and allows for more variety in design. Hollow handle knives allow for springy and ergonomic handling.

Design: The choice of design depends on your personal taste. WMF is known for modern designs with straight lines, such as the Miami, Boston or Atria lines. The Sola brand boasts classic designs, where the cutlery handle is slightly heavier and thicker and the designs more curved. The lines Turin Elite, Denver and Baguette Gastro are particularly popular in our shops.