Insect protection

Insect protection products are formulated to offer defense against a range of flying and crawling insects. Customers typically seek these products to safeguard themselves, their homes, and particularly animals such as horses, from the discomfort and potential health risks posed by insect bites and infestations. These products alter the landscape of outdoor activities, allowing for more pleasurable experiences without the constant worry of bugs. They are especially key for horse owners who need to protect their equine companions from the relentless annoyance and potential disease transmission caused by flies, mosquitoes, and other pests.

Barrier Equine is a brand that caters to the protection of horses from irritating insects. The 'Barrier Super Plus Liquid Fly Repellent Refill And Sprayer' is a popular choice among equestrians due to its powerful formulation designed to repel a variety of biting insects. This product emphasizes safe and natural ingredients, which appeal to conscious consumers looking to prevent discomfort in horses without harsh chemicals. Weatherbeeta, another prominent brand, offers a different form of protection with its 'Stretch fly mask with ears.' This product is a physical barrier designed to shield a horse’s face and ears from flying pests. The mask is made with a stretchable and comfortable fabric, ensuring that the horse can see and hear clearly without compromise, while keeping insects at bay. Both Barrier Equine and Weatherbeeta have established their products as reliable solutions for insect protection in the equestrian community, catering to the needs of both horse and owner.