Mobile power distributors

Mobile power distributors stand as a pivotal tool in the electrification of varied environments—be they construction sites, workshops, or outdoor events. They are designed to safely distribute electricity from a single power source to multiple outlets, allowing the operation of several devices simultaneously. Professionals in the construction and event industry, as well as DIY enthusiasts, rely heavily on these units for their versatility and ability to cater to high-powered tools and lighting solutions, particularly in areas where standard power outlets are scarce or unavailable.

As - Schwabe offers the robust 60807 Solid rubber distribution strip S 11, featuring a durable 63 A 5-pin 400 V IP44 CEE plug designed to endure harsh conditions. Meanwhile, Eaton provides a reliable solution with their 20A 3 pole switch, addressing the needs for secure power control. Steffen brings to the table the 32A equipped Construction power distributor, tailored for the high demands of construction sites. For those requiring a comprehensive power distribution system for building applications, Ekström's Building site power distribution unit is engineered to facilitate a range of power needs seamlessly. Lastly, PULS specializes in providing DIN rail power supplies—efficient, space-saving solutions for modular control cabinets. Each brand offers a unique contribution to the secure and efficient distribution of power in various professional settings.