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    Until death do us part: this is how I rescued my bridal bouquet

    by Darina Schweizer


Crafting at the weekend, during the vacations and especially on rainy days is a great activity to keep the little ones busy. That's when girls as well as boys are happy about exciting craft sets with which they can get creative and let their imagination run wild. Crafting - whether with acorns or cork cones - is a tried-and-tested way to keep the little tykes busy: Creativity and dexterity are encouraged and, since they have to spend more time on one thing at a time, their ability to concentrate is also trained at the same time.

There are a variety of children's craft sets for every budget. Brands such as SpinMaster, Ravensburger, Glorex, Haba, Creativ Company, Ses, Aquabeads or Craze offer a wide range of craft sets for children aged three to eight years. No matter whether your child prefers to make bracelets, assemble entire little houses, or if he or she prefers to let off steam with pottery or modeling clay, you'll find the right craft set for everyone. Cozy crafting hours are fun for the whole family. Grandma, for example, is delighted when she receives a crocheted trivet, a glass coaster made of ironing beads or simply a letter decorated with stickers and stamps. Grandpa is happy to receive handicrafts he has made himself and is sure to join in on one or two of the craft kits, for example, if he can design his own car with his grandson.