Best Oral-B products in the Manual toothbrush category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Oral-B products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Oral-B Denture brush

Use more than just bubble cleansers for a more thorough clean and try the Oral-B denture brush for a fresh mouth feel and effective removal of discolouration.

2. Oral-B PRO-EXPERT CROSSACTION cepillo dental extra-clean medio

Oral-B PRO-EXPERT CROSSACTION cepillo dental extra-clean medio
Manual toothbrush
7,51 EUR

Oral-B PRO-EXPERT CROSSACTION cepillo dental extra-clean medio

3. Oral-B Oral B - Kids Cars Extra Soft Toothbrush - Extra Soft Toothbrush For Young Children

Oral-B Oral B - Kids Cars Extra Soft Toothbrush - Extra Soft Toothbrush For Young Children (Extra soft, 1 x)
Manual toothbrush
9,90 EUR

Oral-B Oral B - Kids Cars Extra Soft Toothbrush - Extra Soft Toothbrush For Young Children

Extra soft, 1 x

4. Oral-B Kids

The Oral-B Kids manual toothbrush in Princess or Cars design is the perfect children's toothbrush for outstanding cleaning performance. The toothbrush was speciallydeveloped for children aged 3 to 5 years and has a small brush head for small mouths. The padded brush head helps to protect the soft gums while the soft bristles ensure effective brushing performance. 

5. Oral-B Baby

A children's manual toothbrush specially designed for babies aged 4 to 24 months. At this age babies grow their first teeth. When the first tooth breaks through- usually at the age of four to six months - it is time to start brushing. The Oral-B Stages 1 children's toothbrush makes gentle care for new teeth and sensitive gums easy. 

6. Oral-B Ortho

The Oral-B Orthodontic Manual Toothbrush has V-shaped bristles for convenient removal of plaque on teeth and braces. It can be used specifically as a toothbrushfor braces or as a brush to clean the wires and brackets of braces, facebows and other types of orthodontic braces. 

7. Oral-B Pro-Expert

The Oral-B Pro-Expert All-In-One manual toothbrush has CrissCross bristles that fight plaque at a perfect 16-degree angle. With its fine, rounded bristles, the toothbrushcleans along the gumline and gently massages the gums with soft gum stimulators. In addition, the textured tongue cleaner removes bacteria from the tongue for fresh breath. 

8. Oral-B Complete 5

The Oral-B Complete 5 Cleaning Zones manual toothbrush enables a more thorough cleaning of the entire oral cavity than a conventional manual toothbrush. The PowerTipbristles reach even hard-to-reach places and the interdental bristles allow cleaning between the teeth. The gum stimulators gently work on your gums during cleaning to give you a feeling of ultimate cleanliness. The centre zone helps polish away surface discolouration to whiten your teeth. In addition, the tongue and cheek cleaner removes bacteria and germs on your tongue. 

9. Oral-B Pro-Expert Extra Clean

The Oral-B Pro-Expert Extra Clean Eco Edition has our Cross Action bristles. Angled bristles remove up to 90% of plaque in hard-to-reach areas. The handpiece ismade from 80% recycled plastic and the bristles contain 60% castor oil. The packaging is recyclable. 

10. Oral-B Pulsar

The Oral-B Pulsar battery-powered toothbrush gives you the control of a conventional manual toothbrush and reaches deep into the interdental spaces. The MicroPulsebristles reach deep into the interdental spaces with their vibrating movements for superior cleaning compared to a conventional manual toothbrush.