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Despite all the recent innovations in terms of floor cleaning, corded hoovers are still found in a significant proportion of households in Germany - even the increasingly popular 'robot vacuum cleaners', for example, have not yet succeeded in rendering corded hoovers irrelevant. The reasons for this are quite plausible: after all, hoovers in their original design are tried and tested means of cleaning floors that are primarily characterised by their powerful suction power. Although they are sometimes a little inconvenient to use due to their design and the fact that they have to be constantly connected to a power supply during operation, they nevertheless ensure clean floors, furniture and upholstery in all situations. This is made possible by the extensive bundle of accessories, which in many cases allows the models to be customised to meet the prevailing requirements. Modern appliances are therefore real all-rounders and for this reason - as always - the first choice when the floors of the house need to be spotlessly clean.

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