Here are all the trailers and news from the Ubisoft livestream
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Here are all the trailers and news from the Ubisoft livestream

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As part of the Summer Game Fest, Ubisoft provided detailed insights into "Assassin's Creed Shadows" and "Star Wars Outlaws". There wasn't much else new, but with "Anno 117" there was a little surprise.

Orchestral in the truest sense of the word, the Ubisoft Forward live event began on Monday evening. Namely with the Hollywood Chamber Orchestra, which played the soundtrack to the upcoming open-world action adventure "Star Wars Outlaws" live.

Here you can find the whole event, including the orchestra.

"Star Wars Outlaws" - pew pew instead of wusch wusch

Ubisoft showed a longer game excerpt of the third-person game including a sneak mission, which of course degenerates into a heated blaster battle. There are also arcade space battles to be seen, which, like all missions, have an influence on the reputation of the various factions. One positive thing I notice is that you can apparently land on a planet seamlessly from space - there are no loading windows to be seen.

Optically, the game still looks very smart, with varied worlds that you can explore in the role of daredevil Kay and her alien pet Nix. The latter not only looks cute, but also distracts enemies when necessary and helps you break in.

Date: 30 August or for an extra charge on 27
Released for: PC, PS5, Xbox Series

"Assassin's Creed Shadows" - sometimes loud, sometimes quiet through Japan

The main attraction alongside "Star Wars Outlaws" is the latest instalment in the assassin series. As fans have wanted for years, it finally takes place in feudal Japan. The main roles are shared by Yasuke and Naoe. The former was modelled on a historical African legend. You can switch freely between the two. As a light-footed shinobi, Naoe favours ambush attacks, just as you remember from the first parts. The heavily armoured samurai Yasuke, on the other hand, prefers to hit the main gate directly.

The two play styles promise plenty of variety without forcing you to play through the game a second time with the other character. The battle system is based on that of "Valhalla" - with a pinch of "Ghost of Tsuhsima" in between.

Of course you can pet stray, fluffy Akita dogs. Colleague Domagoj is already busy practising on his own ball of fur.

Since the old console generation is being left out for the first time, the game also seems to have made a big leap visually. The change of seasons in particular looks pretty.

Date: 15 November or, for an extra charge, on the 12th
Released for: PC, PS5, Xbox Series

"Anno 117 Pax Romania" - manage your business as a Roman emperor

The surprise of the event was the announcement of a new "Anno" game. The popular economic simulation game turns back the clock further than ever before. In keeping with the tradition that the sum of the years must equal "9", the next instalment will be set in the year 117. Unfortunately, there was no gameplay from the Roman Empire on show.

Date: 2025
Released for: PC and consoles

"Prince of Persia The Sands of Time" - is time running out?

No, the remake of the first good 3D "Prince of Persia" has not received a real trailer, nor will it be released soon. There is only a vague announcement that it will be released sometime in 2026. The game has been in development for around seven years without anything to show for it. An indictment for Ubisoft.

Date: 2026
Released for: PC and consoles

"BattleCore Arena" - free-to-play bullet-hell shooter

The multiplayer shooter is now available in Early Access. Instead of soldiers or superheroes, you control shooting combat spheres. You use them to roll and fly across the battlefield

Date: now in Early Access
Released for: PC

Updates for existing Ubisoft titles

In addition to gameplay for upcoming games, Ubisoft has also presented new content for existing games

"Skull and Bones" - Season 2

Despite a muted response, both critically and commercially, Ubisoft has unveiled the second season. It includes a new faction, new loot, a new warship, a new sea monster in the form of the Megalodon and a new PvP mode.

"Prince of Persia The Lost Crown" - new content and DLC

New content and story DLC are coming to the acclaimed platformer.

"Avatar Frontier of Pandorra" - the story continues

A story update for the blue men. No, not the Smurfs, but James Cameron's tree-hugging fantasy folk. "The Sky Breaker" delivers new weapons, quests and threats.

"The Crew Motorfest" - new island

Season 5 brings Maui, a new island where you can whizz around. According to colleague Domagoj Belancic, the game is actually quite fun.

Ubisoft Forward 2024

Which games are you looking forward to the most?

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