Beer glasses

The right glass for every beer: Pilsner, ale, stout, export beer, lager, malt beer or weiss beer, weizen, there are no limits when it comes to types of beer.
help you choose the right glass to suit your taste in beer, we’ve put together some useful information here.

For weizen beer and dark beer it is best to use the trophy-shaped weizen glass. It allows you to pour your drink straight from the bottle into the glass at an angle. This creates a perfect foam crown.
Weizen beer is usually highly carbonated and can fully develop its bubbly properties in a long goblet.

The most popular of all beer is Pils or Pilsner. Said beer is best served in a tulip-shaped glass. It’s bottom-heavy belly allows the bubbly beer to unfold its taste.

Alt beer or ale and lagers are darkish in colour and top-fermented.
This type of beer is colloquially also called a “Stange” or pole,
because it’s served in a medium-sized, pole-shaped glass with a smaller filling volume than e.g. glasses for export or weizen beer.

Export beer is a bottom-fermented beer, which is brewed more strongly.
Ideally, this beer is served in a decorative beer mug like you see at Oktoberfest. This kind of thick-walled glass not only develops a strong flavour but also gives the beer a rustic look.