Best Siemens products in the Automatic coffee makers category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Siemens products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Siemens EQ.6 plus s700

The sensoFlow system always ensures an ideal and constant brewing temperature. The innovative coffeeSelect display not only blends in particularly harmoniously with the visionary design of the fully automatic coffee machine, it is also particularly easy to operate. With the oneTouch function, the EQ.6 plus s700 serves the perfect coffee enjoyment simply and conveniently at the touch of a button. With Favorites you can also design your own beverage menu - up to 4 personalized beverages can be stored. Whether a large, low-fat latte macchiato, a small cup of decaffeinated, mild Americano or an extra-strong ristretto: today, more than ever, coffee enjoyment is an expression of your own personality and individual lifestyle. 

2. Siemens TP501R09 EQ.500 Integral

Siemens TP501R09 EQ.500 Fully automatic espresso machineFeatures: -Coloured Coffee-Select touch display -Milk system integrated with hose -Number of bean containers: 1 -Fill capacity of bean container: 270 g -No cup heating available -Fill capacity of water tank: 1.7 litres -The water hardness level is adjustable -The adjustable grinder is made of ceramic (wear-free) -The preparation of 2 cups per brewing process is possible -The brewing temperature is adjustable -The cups can be preheated with the aid of a cup heater -The filling quantity of the cups is adjustable -The coffee spout and the cup platform are height-adjustable -The fully automatic espresso machine includes a descaling and a cleaning programme -The drip tray (drip tray, The coffee grounds container, mechanical level indicator), the milk system including adapter and the powder chute with flap are also suitable for the dishwasher -The aroma lid, water tank lid, water tank, brewing unit and beverage spout cover are not suitable for the dishwasher -Dimensions: 373 x 276 x 452 mm -Weight: 8.12 kg. 

3. Siemens EQ.700

4. Siemens SIEM fully automatic coffee machine bC

Siemens SDA Fully Automatic Coffee Maker TF301E09 klav-l-sw Manufacturer :Siemens SDA Designation :Fully Automatic Coffee Maker bestCollection Type :TF301E09 klav-l-sw Design :Coffee Maker Connected load :1300 W Voltage :220...240 V Capacity :1400 ml Base colour :Piano black Integrated grinder :yes Timer :no Removable water tank :yes Milk frothing :yes Width :251 mm Height :383 mm Depth :433 mm Compatible with Apple HomeKit :no Compatible with Google Assistant :no Compatible with Amazon Alexa :no IFTTT support available :no Siemens SDA fully automatic coffee machine TF301E09 klav-l-sw: more details One-touch preparation: espresso, caffe crema, cappuccino, latte macchiato at the touch of a button, suitable for BRITA Intenza water filter: reduces the limescale content of the water and reduces odour- and taste-disrupting substances, coffeeDirect: The easy way to perfect coffee enjoyment, coffee spout and milk frother height adjustable: up to 13 cm (max.) high latte macchiato glasses, the easily accessible service door on the front of the machine ensures quick maintenance and cleaning, removable water tank (1.4 l), the ceramic grinder impresses with its long service life and extracts maximum aroma from every coffee bean, in addition to the beverages, the grinder can also be used individually. In addition to the beverages, the following can also be selected individually: foamed milk, water pump with 15 bar pressure, removable brewing unit, automatic rinsing programme when switching off. Rinsing programme when switched off, switched on, milk frother removable and dishwasher-safe, drip tray and coffee grounds container removable and dishwasher-safe, calc\'nClean: automatic cleaning and descaling programme, multi-level grind adjustment, 1 m connection cable , EAN: 4242003926857. 

5. Siemens Pressurised coffee machine TP 703R09

Siemens TP 703R09 Pressure coffee maker.

6. Siemens EQ.9 s300

The EQ.9 s300 fully automatic espresso/coffee maker from Siemens guarantees you individual coffee enjoyment of different coffee specialities with a convenient one-touch preparation. Extra strong coffee with reduced bitter content is possible thanks to the aromaDouble-Shot with two grinding and brewing processes. The beverage temperature is individually adjustable over 6 steps according to your taste. The internal Britta water filter provides an improved coffee taste and increased service life of the appliance. The colour TFT display with interactive menu navigation makes operation very simple. The individual coffee system is your personal drinks menu for up to 6 profiles. Thanks to superSilent, the 1500 Watt fully automatic coffee maker is extremely quiet in its performance. The low-noise two-disc premium grinding mechanism made of wear-free ceramic grinds the coffee beans exactly to your taste with multi-stage adjustable grinding degrees. In addition, there is a separate shaft for ground coffee. The innovative milk nozzle quickly produces fine-pored milk foam. The milk container can be removed. The integrated water pump operates at a pressure of 19 bar. The brewing system minimizes the heating time. So that different containers fit under the coffee spout, it is height-adjustable and can dispense 2 drinks simultaneously. The removable water tank has a volume of 2.3 litres and is easy to fill. There is an early warning in the bean container and in the water tank when these containers are soon empty. The brewing unit can be removed for easy cleaning. There is also a fully automatic steam output for cleaning the milk system. The automatic rinsing program starts when the appliance is switched on and off. Coffee grounds container with drip tray can be easily removed. There is also Calc`nClean as well as an automatic cleaning and descaling program. The fully automatic coffee maker comes with a Britta Intenza water filter cartridge, test strips for water hardness determination and a practical measuring spoon. The powerful milk foam nozzle makes it particularly easy to prepare wonderfully airy milk foam and hot milk. You will succeed in making the perfect cappuccino, latte macchiato or one of the many other coffee specialities. 

7. Siemens TI35A209RW EQ.300

International model - no German menu language possible.

8. Siemens 'CT718L1B0'

Siemens CT718L1B0 sw EB Fully automatic.

9. Siemens TI 9573X7RW Espresso Machine


Częstotliwość wejściowa AC:50 - 60 Hz

Moc:1500 W

Napięcie wejściowe AC:220 - 240 V

Waga i rozmiary

Głębokość produktu:299 mm

produktu:392 mm

Wysokość produktu:470 mm

Waga produktu:13,7 kg


Pojemność pojemnika na ziarna kawy:250 g/270 g

Funkcja odwapniania:Tak

Pojemność w filiżankach:2 filiżanki

Pojemnik na mleko:Tak


Części wodoodporne:Tak

Umiejscowienie urządzenia:Blat

Maksymalne ciśnienie:19 bar

Typ ekspresu do kawy:Pełna automatyka

Zbiornik na zaparzoną kawę:Filiżanka

Filtr wody:Tak

Wbudowany młynek:Tak

Typ produktu:Ekspres ciśnieniowy

Typ wkładu kawy:Kawa mielona, Ziarna kawy

Pojemność zbiornika na wodę:2,3 l


Kolorowy wyświetlacz:Tak

Wyjmowany zbiornik wody:Tak

Typ kontroli:Obrotowy

Długość przewodu:1 m

Wbudowany wyświetlacz:Tak

Typ wyświetlacza:TFT

Kolor produktu:Stal nierdzewna, Czarny

Funkcje i programy gotowania

Wykonywanie espresso macchiato:Tak

Przyrządzanie Ristretto:Tak

Przyrządzanie cappuccino:Tak

Przyrządzanie kawy:Tak

Przyrządzanie latte macchiato:Tak

Przyrządzanie espresso:Tak.

10. Siemens EQ900

Control all relevant brewing parameters for nuanced coffee enjoyment baristaMode A brilliant, high-resolution 6.8 full-touch display with unique menu iSelect Display Significant noise reduction for pleasantly quiet coffee preparation thanks to superSilent. Two bean containers and two separate, electronically adjustable grinders dualBean System The perfect brewing settings for your favourite coffee beans beanIdent System Siemens fully automatic coffee machine; taste beanIdent System - adapts all beverage settings to the coffee beans baristaMode - full control over all relevant brewing parameters Up to 29 different speciality coffees (in the machine and the Home Connect App).t and the Home Connect app) Warm milk, milk foam and hot water can be added Milk content can be adjusted for classic milk-based drinks aromaBoost - more aroma for espresso-based drinks thanks to a finer grinding degreeIntelligent aroma adjustment - coffee management based on strength and drink size aromaSelect ;3 different aroma profiles (mild-balanced-strong) aromaDouble Shot ;reduced bitterness in large drinks thanks to two brewing processes Brita Intenza water filter included Comfort dualBean system - two separate bean containers with their own grinders for parallel use of different bean variants iSelect display - colour 6.8'' TFT display with Touch & Slide function eGrinder - adjustment of the grind for each individual drink via displayindividualCoffee System - creation of up to 10 profiles, each can store up to 10 individual drinks comfortMode - the easy and intuitive way to prepare coffee with a glance at the settings Coffee spout height adjustable (up to 15 cm high glasses) oneTouch DoubleCup ;get two cups at the touch of a button Removable water tank 2.3 l superSilent ;significant noise reduction Performance ceramDrive ;low-noise premium grinder made of wear-free ceramic Water pump with 19 bar pressure Active cup preheating Hygiene autoMilk Clean ;automatic steam cleaning after each drink calcnClean ;automatic cleaning and descaling programme Removable brewing unit: easy and hygienic cleaning Drip tray and coffee grounds container can be removed and are dishwasher-safe Reminds you in good time to clean, descale and change the water filter Home Connect remote access: Operate your machine from anywhere coffeePlaylist ;enter multiple drinks into the app; prepare in the order you want Additional coffee know-how Software update ;always the latest software status Online support Security: security comes first with Home Connect. The Home Connect app has been tested and certified by TÜV IT. And the encrypted data exchange via the Home Connect protocol protects against unwanted access Miscellaneous Integrated milk container 0.7l Two bean containers with aroma protection lid (270 g/250 g) Illuminated coffee spout Electronically adjustable grind level (multi-level) Child lock Accessories Additional accessories supplied: BRITA INTENZA water filter cartridge, test strips for water hardness. Special accessories available separately: cleaning tablets (TZ80001...), descaling tablets (TZ80002...), BRITA Intenza water filter cartridge (TZ80001...).), BRITA Intenza water filter (TZ70003/TZ70033), care set for fully automatic coffee machines (TZ80004...), adapter for milk system (TZ70001), milk container (TZ90009).