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Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Trisa Nutri Blender Energy Boost

Powerful motor easily shreds cores, stems and shells. Easy handling: Fill cups, put them on and off you go. Mixture of fruit, vegetables and nuts for the ultimatefreshness and energy kick as well as baby food. All hidden nutrients are released optimally. 

Trisa Nutri Blender Energy Boost (1000 W)
111,11 EUR

Trisa Nutri Blender Energy Boost

1000 W

2. Blendjet 2

Perfect for jetting around town. Lightweight and sturdily built. Stash it in your bag and drink straight from the jar. Big blender power, compact size. PatentedTurboJet technology processes anything in just 20 seconds: Ice, frozen fruit, leafy greens and more. Lasts for 15+ blends and recharges quickly. Waterproof USB-C charging port. Reversible cord included. Just add water, soap and mix. Rinse off and you're ready to go. The BlendJet 2 hand blender is the most convenient blender in the world. 

3. WMF Cult X Mix&Go

The WMF Kult X Mix&Go is made of Cromargan - the most beautiful stainless steel with a matt, glossy finish. This chic mini blender works like a big blender; thensimply remove the blender jug, close with the practical drinking lid and go. The freshly mixed smoothie thus becomes a daily companion on the way to work or sport. The Mix & Go takes up little space in the kitchen and looks particularly good with its elegant housing. The cult X Mix & Go is a practical mini smoothie maker for urban lifestyle " so life tastes delicious and healthy. Compact and practical. The Mix & Go is a must for all smoothie fans. With its powerful 300 Watt and the high-quality 4-leaf stainless steel knife, it purées and mixes the most versatile smoothies and fruit shakes - even with ice cream. Especially practical is the blender jug, which with the help of a drinking lid becomes a companion on the go. The family members of the Mix & Go products are all 100% compatible with each other. Expand the Mix & Go as you like with the Keep Cool, the small 0.3 litre bottle or another 0.6 litre bottle of tritan. WMF Kult X - that is versatile cooking pleasure. The products look excellent with their noble Cromargan case and the high-quality, black plastic applications. The cult X kitchen professionals also score with their inner values. Of course, the relevant functional parts are made of Cromargan. They are equipped with WMF High Performance and work powerfully and with high performance. 

WMF Cult X Mix&Go (300 W)
41,89 EUR

WMF Cult X Mix&Go

300 W

4. Philips 3000 Series


Philips 3000 Series (450 W)
36,47 EUR

Philips 3000 Series

450 W

5. Philips Stand Mixer 3000 Series HR2041/00 White

Motor power: 450 W, Functions: Chopping, blending, smoothies, Juice container capacity: 1.9 l, Number of operating levels: 1, Colour of details: White, Material:Plastic. 

Philips Stand Mixer 3000 Series HR2041/00 White (450 W)
36,30 EUR

Philips Stand Mixer 3000 Series HR2041/00 White

450 W

6. WMF Kult Pro

WMF Kult Pro (1200 W)
128,76 EUR

WMF Kult Pro

1200 W

7. Bosch Hausgeräte Vita Boost

The MMBH6P6BDE VitaBoost stand mixer from Bosch is a high-performance mixer with 45.000 revolutions per minute. The powerful 1,600 Watt motor masters fruit and vegetablesin no time at all. Supported by the 6 preset programs, vitamin-rich smoothies or shakes and tasty sauces succeed. The 2 litre container is ideal for large portions, and the stopper supplied makes it easier to replenish ingredients, especially for frozen and viscous mixtures. 

Bosch Hausgeräte Vita Boost (1600 W)
205,50 EUR

Bosch Hausgeräte Vita Boost

1600 W

8. Philips Core

ProBlend Crush technology turns even the toughest ingredients into the finest smoothie twice as fast. The unique 6-star blades grind ice and large pieces to perfectiontogether with the efficient 1,000 W motor. 

9. Trisa royal crush

The powerful stand mixer is ideal for chopping, mixing, liquefying and much more. With three pre-programmed programs for Pulse, Ice Crushing and Smoothie. The speedcan be variably regulated by the rotary knob. With a 1.5l glass container the blender is also suitable for large portions. The removable glass container with blade is easy and quick to clean. Stainless steel knife with four blades. 

Trisa royal crush (800 W)
80,60 EUR

Trisa royal crush

800 W

10. NutriBullet Pro 900 5-teilig

Equipped with a powerful 900-watt motor, a durable six-blade extraction blade and a range of practical accessories, this advanced stand mixer quickly prepares smoothiesand cocktails, soups, creams, dishes, desserts and snacks. Effectively releases vitamins and microelements necessary for health and well-being. A powerful 900W motor allows you to extract more nutrients from blended ingredients. It can easily process hard products such as kale, seeds and nuts. In just moments and effortlessly prepare nutritious smoothies, fruit cocktails, soups, creams, nutritious breakfasts, side dishes and appetizers, and homemade desserts. The unique design of the 6 stainless steel extraction blades provides a cyclonic motion that guarantees that even hard seeds, stems and skins are crushed to release the vitamins and trace elements hidden within. 

NutriBullet Pro 900 5-teilig (900 W)
94,99 EUR

NutriBullet Pro 900 5-teilig

900 W